2022 Pet Superlatives

It’s that time! While we’re all recovering from the Holidays and planning our New Year’s Resolutions – let’s take a look back at last year with some of the best, biggest, and funniest pet photos of the year in the 2022 Pet Superlatives!


Floofiest Dog of the Year – Wyatt

I love all dogs – hairless dogs, short coat dogs, long coat dogs, curly dogs, fluffy dogs – I want to photograph them all! But, there was one dog I photographed that was more fur than dog! Wyatt the Havanese puppy had so much fur!

You can see more of Wyatt’s session in his blog where we dive deep into why a private location can be ideal for your dog’s photo session.

The Family Photo Update – Lyanna, & Bane

If we roll the calendar back to 2019 – I first met Lyanna & a baby Bane with their “uncle” Tai for family photos at the beautiful McDaniel Farm Park tucked into Duluth, GA. If you want to take a walk down memory lane, click here to see those photos. 

It was so much fun to come back again in 2022 to see Lyanna & big Bane for updated family photos in their very own neighborhood of Three Chimneys in Cumming, GA. Three Chimneys offered a unique location for our photos – you can see more here. 

Sadly, their uncle Tai had passed in 2021, but new family member Luca was able to join us for a photo with his new niece & nephew.

The two Tibetan Mastiffs came in close as the largest dogs I photographed in 2022 – but ultimately Darrach the Great Dane topped the list.

Biggest Dog I Photographed – Darrach the Great Dane

I’ve been lucky enough to photograph Darrach the Great Dane several times at my fundraising Pet Portrait Event sessions at Canine Country Academy. Not only is Darrach giant – he’s also still quite young and full of silly puppy dog energy. It’s a fun test of reflexes to get Darrach’s attention and take the photo in the moment before he comes running full force to play!

If you want to join us at 2023 Pet Portrait Events held around metro Atlanta, click here to get on list. 

Most Beautiful Morning Light at a Dog Photo Session – Essence & Glimmer

If you’ve followed along with any of my blog posts, you’ll know I love photographing at first light. Not only is that dawn light magical, you also sometimes get incredibly lucky with beautiful morning fog filtering the sunlight – which is exactly what happened at Essence & Glimmer’s morning portrait session in Rutledge, GA.

This image makes me feel like I am in a fairy tale. The two border collies framed by greenery with the foggy morning light streaming in behind them looks almost painted.

If you’re willing to get up before sunrise – a morning session might be the right time for your dog’s photo session.

Most Playful Dogs During the Session – Benson & Lily

My first (but certainly not last as I saw 3 more later in the year) mini Bernedoodles were siblings Lily & Benson photographed at Atlanta’s Piedmont Park.

Luckily, we began our session with portraits before heading out to the dewy grass of the big lawn at the park because what transpired in the grass led to wet curly coated doodles!

These two played and played and wrestled and smiled and had the very best time! When I created their album I was so happy their mom opted to include several of their silly faces and happy antics to tell the story of their playtime at the park.

PS. Benson & Lily remained on leashes during their playtime and we were careful not to let them get too tangled up. Leashes were removed in post processing.

In Memory of The Dogs Who Left Us in 2022

I can’t publish the final post of 2022 without taking a moment to honor the dogs I photographed this year just before they made their final journeys in this life. This has been a hard year for loss for both myself and my clients.

“The risk of love is loss and the price of loss is grief. But the pain of grief is only a shadow when compared with the pain of never risking love” – Hilary Zunin

  • Lento
  • Brie
  • Bella
  • Tikka
  • Bandit
  • Deacon
  • Alfie
  • Tank
  • Poquito Tito

With much love. 

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