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Custom artwork of your favorite furry faces

– love your art – guaranteed

In a digital age, why do you want heirloom quality printed art?

There are so many reasons!

Art is meant to be lived with.

Beyond the transitory nature of the digital (remember floppy discs or 8-tracks?) and past the idea of social media likes, a USB drive doesn’t make you feel anything. 

You don’t smile every time you walk pass that drawer of CDs, but you absolutely do when you walk pass your dog’s photo on the wall. Flipping the pages of your album you can feel his soft furry body while you snuggled in the grass. Your hands remember how warm his fur was after an afternoon in the sunshine. This is what physical artwork can do that digital just cannot.

Don’t get me wrong, I love digital files too. I want the home screen on my phone to be my dog and I want to share her adorable photos all over social media. That’s why I include the social media digital of every printed product and why many collections include high resolution digital files.  I want you to have both!

Get advice on How to Hang Wall Art - Portraits, Photographs, & Paintings - Like a Pro from professional pet photographer CM Bryson

How do you want to live with the art we create?

If we’re lucky, we’re given 15 perfect summers to love our furry family members. 

For all the summers that will come after, these are the images you will hold onto. Your relationship deserves to be documented & remembered in every season.

Before our session, I recommend looking through the artwork options and make a note of what you are drawn to.

While you won’t make any final decisions until you’ve seen your images, having an idea of the types of artwork you like best can make your decision process easier.

Also, if you have a certain space or wall you’re thinking about decorating I can design it for you, and show you what your art would look like on YOUR wall before you make a final decision!

A professional Atlanta cat photographer can capture timeless moments with your cats in your home.




• 10x10 album with 35 images

• ALL high resolution digital files

• $1500 wall art credit

• 20% discount on any additional purchases

SAVE $2600




 • 8x8 album with 20 images

• 20 corresponding full resolution digital files

• $1,000 wall art credit

save $1475


collection three

• 5x7 Story Block with 10 images

• 10 corresponding high resolution digital files

save $650


An album from your dog's photo session lets you share many of your favorite images created by atlanta pet portrait artist CM Bryson

à La Carte Pricing

Everything is customized & designed to capture all the things that make your dog so special.

Choosing an album to display your images from your dog photography session.


An album is a timeless way to preserve your images and tell your dog’s story.

Printed directly on thick silk photographic paper and bound together without a seam, albums are a favorite way many clients choose to enjoy their images.

8×8 album with 20 images ……………………… $1700

10×10  album with 20 images ………………….. $2000

Additional images ……………………… $895/10 images

Can I add the high resolution digital files of my album?

Absolutely! You can add the corresponding high resolution digital files to your album for $1200. 

Can I customize my album?

Yes! When you choose an album I’ll help guide you to selecting a cover material – leathers or linen or velvet. And we’ll decide on an image cameo cover or somehting embossed on the cover. 

Why silk paper?

Kodak Silk Paper is a vibrant color negative photo paper with a gorgeous silk surface finish. It has a slight sheen, but doesn’t produce bright glares that distract from the image. 

Silk photo paper produces natural skin tones and warm highlights that compliment the colors of dog coats. .

Standard Archival Value of 100 years in home display, 200 years in dark storage.

image boxes

A modern take on the classic album, an image box contains 5 x 7 prints on gorgeous silk photo paper matted to 8×10 in an elegant wood box with a unique window to display images you can rotate. 

10 images ………………….. $1200

20 images ………………….. $1700

30 images ………………….. $2300

Add the high-resolution digital files of your image box?

Add the corresponding high resolution digital files to your image box for $1200

Choosing an album to display your images from your dog photography session.

framed wall art

Gorgeous, archival artwork framed in your choice of custom frame options including my favorite reclaimed barn wood frames.

Once you select a framed piece, I’ll show you a few frame options designed around the image you choose & the style of your home.

Available in fine art paper, metal,  or archival canvas.

Showcase ………………….. $3600

Impact ………………………. $2800

Grand ……………………….. $1900

Standard …………………… $1250

Small ………………………. $1050

Mini …………………………. $650


high resolution digital files

Please note: a complimentary social media file is provided of any image ordered in product form, but those files do not include a print release. 

High resolution digital images are designed for the DIY’er. These files are optimized for all your printing needs – print your own wall art, holiday cards, notecards, design a coffee table book – the sky is the limit.

These files are for your personal use only and do not include a commercial license. For commerical or business use, please inquire.

10 images ………………….. $1800

20 images ………………….. $2500

35 images ………………….. $3200



An album is a great way to showcase the images from your dog's photo shoot with Atlanta pet photographer.

Frequently asked questions


How do people choose to display their images?

Most of my clients choose to display their favorite images in an album to capture the entire story of our session together. There are also usually 3-5 portraits that you fall in love with, and those are the images that make great art for your walls. 

What about the leashes I see?

What you see in our ordering appointment are images that have only been corrected for color and exposure, which is photographer talk meaning I have taken the raw data and adjusted it to best fit what I saw on the day. 

Leashes and any other distractions are removed from the final images after you have made your selections. 

What about digital files?

I offer high resolution digital files in my most popular collections. They are also available to purchase a la carte or as an add on to your album or image box. 

Social media sized, lightly watermarked files are included complimentary with every purchased image for you to use for sharing personally online. 

From planning to pet photography session to delivered art, Atlanta pet photographer describes her process.

I'd love to tell your story

I believe dogs reflect the joy, passion, & beauty that make life worth living and that giving them the life they deserve, full of happy and enriching experiences, not only gives them a better a life, it makes us better people, and I’ll bet you feel the same way. I'd love to tell the story of the dog that changed everything for you.


Happy Pets & People

"Such a wonderful experience! A true professional with has an exceptional knack for animals! Totally recommend!"

Trish & Hazel

"I am thrilled with the outcome! This will get a very special place in my home."

Krista & Scarlett

"I had such a great experience with Courtney! She ensured not only that the pups were prepared but that I was also. I had a detailed checklist of what to do to prepare before the shoot. From how far in advance to get the groomed/bathed to Coloring/cutting my hair in advance (if needed), what color and texture of clothing to wear for the best results, recommended collars for the pups. I think she had everything covered. Courtney was very patient with all of us :). If you are looking for photos with your furry family, I would absolutely recommend her!"

Liz, Kaos, & Kali

"We were lucky enough to attend the Love Barks event at Pet Pleasers Bakery in Gainesville, and Courtney captured some amazing photos of my dogs. It can be challenging to get them to sit still, but Courtney is a pro! Everything was set up perfectly to maximize our time there, and she is so fast with that camera. She was even able to Photoshop my hand + the leash out of several of the photos. It was a great experience, and we look forward to doing another session with Courtney soon!"

Kristen, Teddy, & Chloe