3 Ideas for Decorating Your Wall With Dog Photography

Nothing brings a smile faster than seeing your favorite furry face on the wall, but simply slapping a framed tiny 8 x 10 print over your couch isn’t going to cut it. In this blog, I’m going to share 4 Ideas for Designing A Gallery Wall of photos from your dog’s photography session.

“Canines are living symbols of protection, loyalty, and unconditional love, so it’s easy to see why they’ve been such a long and colorful part of our visual history.”

-My Modern Met in 2,000+ Years of Dogs in Art

Learn why a sunrise session might be perfect for your dog with Atlanta pet photographer CM Bryson

Make An Impact With A Single Wall Art Piece

A quick & easy way to make art impactful is to hang one large piece as a focal point. Not only does it create an instant statement – it’s less complicated than designing a gallery of mixed pieces.

In general, art should be about 60% of the size of furniture it hangs over, which makes a 30 x 40 inch piece perfect for above many mantles and a 40 x 60 inch piece great for over a couch.

If you’re looking for a more artsy feel choosing a portrait that focuses on a single detail like close up of a curly tail or a more enviromental image with your dog as a smaller feature in a landscape can give your personal artwork a nice touch.

Super sizing details can raise your dog photography to modern art on your walls.

Mix & Match to Create a Gallery Wall of Images

For an eclectic feel mixing sizes, finishes, black & white with color & even shape makes your wall gallery feel more organic.

It’s the “I woke up like this” of wall galleries. And just like the no make up, make up look  – the Mix & Match Gallery actually takes a lot of thought to put together well.

A great way to get started is to mix up just one element – like adding a couple of framed canvases with the framed printed portraits. 

For even more difficulty points, try adding in different types of art – paintings on canvas, mixed with framed photographic prints, quotes, and other artwork mixed in creates a completely personal curated gallery.

Photographing dogs is a better experience for everyone when your pet photographer understands canine body language.

Create a Pattern

The quickest way to elevate your wall art to actual “art” status is cohesion.

Choosing multiple images with the same finish, frame, matting, or size will instantly make you look like a pro in gallery wall design.

If you love the look of cohesion, take it a step further with images arranged in a repeating pattern with the same matting and frames will give a super modern art look to your images.

Atlanta dog photographer shares how to create a gallery wall with photos from your dog photography session.
Great Pyrenees dog from Madison Georgia

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