4 Ideas for Decorating Your Wall With Dog Photography

Written by Courtney Bryson

Your wall needs more than an 8 x 10

Nothing brings a smile faster than seeing your favorite furry face on the wall, but simply slapping a framed tiny 8 x 10 print over your couch isn’t going to cut it.

In this blog, I’m going to share 4 Ideas for Designing A Gallery Wall of photos from your dog’s photography session.

How to create a gallery wall from your custom dog photography session with CMB
Atlanta dog photographer shares how to create a gallery wall with photos from your dog photography session.

1. Be Cohesive

The quickest way to elevate your wall art to actual “art” status is cohesion. Choosing multiple images with the same finish, frame, matting, or size will instantly make you look like a pro in gallery wall design.

2. Go for the Grid

If you love the look of cohesion, take it a step further with a grid. 6-9-12-+ images arranged in a repeating grid with the same matting and frames will give a super modern art look to your images. Keeping the structure of your design very clean lets you go wild with the images, mixing & matching any of your favorites.

3. Mix & Match

For an eclectic feel mixing sizes, finishes, black & white with color & even shape makes your wall gallery feel more organic. It’s the “I woke up like this” of wall galleries. For even more difficulty points, try adding in different types of art – paintings on canvas, mixed with framed photographic prints, quotes, and other artwork mixed in creates a completely personal curated gallery.
Creating a cohesive wall gallery with dog photographs of pugs in matching frames.
A modern grid design lets you add personality with your dog portraits.

4. Super Size It

Taking just a few images and really going big can make a statement.

Two fun takes on this idea are:

  1. Oversized details where you can really zoom in on bigger than life details so your dog’s fur pattern feels like abstract art.
  2. Negative space. Negative space is the open space in artwork, and by placing your subject with a lot of negative space and then creating big artwork you draw your viewers eye right where you want it.
Super sizing details can raise your dog photography to modern art on your walls.

There you have it, 4 ideas for creating a gallery wall from the images we’ll create together.

But don’t worry, if your feeling overwhelmed, I can design your gallery wall for you!

Simply upload photo of your wall with my wall art designer and I’ll show you, to scale, what we can create for you.

Adding dog photography to shelves is an unique way to decorate your home with personal art from dog photographer Courtney Bryson

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