70% of Pet Parents Choose An Album from their Dog Photo Session

Yep, 70% – I did the math. So why do so many pet parents choose an album from their dog’s photo session to display their images? In this post, I’m sharing 3 reasons the album is the number choice for pet parents!

“I love the album – it’s such a beautiful keepsake of my boys that I proudly show to anyone who walks through our front door.”

― Nicole & Seth

Pet Parents to Barkington & Neville

70% of pet parents choose an album from their dog's photo session with Atlanta pet photographer
The hardest part of a dog photo session is choosing your favorite images at the end - an album lets you enjoy the whole story.

Narrowing Down Your Favorite Images is Hard – Choosing an Album Let’s You Display More of Your Dog’s Photos

The most exciting part of working together is getting to see your images for the first time, but it’s also the hardest part as you make decisions about how you want to enjoy your favorites. After all, art is meant to be lived with! Most of my clients find a few stand out portraits they immediately know are perfect for creating a gallery wall or a statement piece of wall art.

But, there are so many other great images that you love too. Choosing a photo album from your dog’s session lets you display your favorite 20, 35, or more images. And the photo album means enjoying all the details, bloopers, and story telling images in addition to the portraits!

Choosing An Album Tells the Whole Story:

Portraits, Candid Images, Details, & Bloopers From Your Dog’s Session Can Be Included

Your album is a personal story book all about your dog. As you turn the thick silk pages you’ll see gorgeous portraits of your dog of course, but with an album you can also include silly faces you love, the close up details of those perfect fuzzy toes, the candid moments from the session, and even a blooper or two!

While that photo of your dog clutching her favorite (disgusting) slobber dripping tennis ball clamped delicately in her jaws might not be the right choice for over the mantle, it’s exactly right for the pages of her album devoted to her love of fetch.

And that ridiculous face he makes after chomping his favorite treat? You know the one where he’s got a big goofy grin, his tongue lolling to one side, and maybe a little head tilt as he begs for another one. That face that is so him belongs in an album that you can revisit now, tomorrow, and in 15 years.

A photo album from your dog's pet photography session lets you tell the whole story.
Portraits, Candids, Details, & Bloopers From Your Dog’s Session Can Be Included in your dog photo album.
You can include all the faces of your dog in your photo album from your Atlanta pet photography session.

Your Dog’s Album Can Be Personalized to Your Story

This isn’t your grandmama’s photo album! (And I say that lovingly because I cherish my grandmama’s photo albums full of lovingly glued in prints).

Once you’ve decided on an album from your dog’s photo session, we’ll start customizing! I’ll design an album layout highlighting your favorite images and telling the story of our session.

And then we’ll go over covers. From cameo covers that showcase a favorite image like a frame to subtly beautiful blind debossing on the cover with your dog’s name we can make your album cover a perfect fit for your home. As an extra special detail we can foil stamp a special message on the inside back cover. It’s a the perfect place for the year of the session, your dog’s “official” name, or a favorite nickname!

Choosing the cover, the debossing, and the message inside makes your dog's photo album completely custom.

Last year 70% of dog parents chose an album of their dog’s images from our session making the album the clear favorite.

It’s easy to see why it’s the front runner when you can include ALL your favorite images – even the details, candids, & bloopers – in a completely custom way.

Ready to create your dog’s album?

I have 1 remaining spot for May 2022 & just 4 spots left for June & July! Contact me to get on the calendar!

Each week I team up with incredible pet photographers from all over the world to create great content that helps you as a pet parent! We have a blog circle to share what we’re working on! This week is all about our favorite art products to create from our pet photography sessions. Get ready to be inspired.

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  1. Carol

    I love the bloopers! Albums are such a great way to showcase all sides of their personalities. I’m sure my pups would have lots of bloopers to choose from!

  2. Jessica

    All the best images in the best albums! You can’t go wrong with this product!

  3. Nancy

    Yes, some of those slobbery pictures are best for the album…but you definitely have to have them.


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