Atlanta in Home Cat Photography

Written by Courtney Bryson

In Home Cat Photography

Many cats, and some dogs, do best when they are at home in their own familar environment. 

When working with a cat for a pet photography session, I prefer to come to them. Not only can we still create some beautiful portraits of your cat in your home, we also get to capture their favorite napping places, their silly perches, and some really sweet snuggle moment between the two of you.

And, don’t worry you don’t have to live in a show place to have beautiful images of you & your cat in your home. One of the keys to working with a professional pet photographer, is our eye and experience. I can help you find little nooks in your home with beautiful light and all we have to do is slide that laundry basket over two feet. 

Cats often feel most comfortable at home which leads to more engaging images during your Atlanta in home cat photography session.
The best cat photography often comes from working in your home where your cat is most comfortable.

Courtney is a skilled photographer and very professional. She is kind, empathetic, timely, and willing to work with your schedule. There is absolutely no doubt that she has a passion for her line of work! For those who are specifically looking to have images made into beautiful artwork and are willing to invest in the quality, I would HIGHLY recommend!

A professional Atlanta cat photographer can capture timeless moments with your cats in your home.
Working with cats in their home for your pet photography session, professional pet photographer's can help you highlight the best areas of your Atlanta home.

The Relationship You Share with Your Cat

I don’t think it matters how many pets you’ve had in the past. Even when a current pet reminds you so much of a pet you’ve already lost, the relationship is unique every time. 

Whether you cat is aloof or affectionate, a lover of high perches or prefers beneath your bed, a connoisseur of fine snacks & cat treats or master mouser, an in home cat photography session can capture their story. (Although, I’ll only photograph catching mice toys!)

The bond you share is worth remembering. 

I strongly encourage you to be in a few photos with your pet. I even found the nerve to be in photos with my beloved horse for her session before her passing. 


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