A Little Inspiration

I’ve been seeing clumps of beautiful red clover everywhere lately and kept watching for a spot that would work to photograph. I wanted dark red flowers, sunlight streaming through trees, and of course a dog. Thankfully, Renee puts up with my visions and agreed to dinner in the car so we could pass by an idea I had in mind at the right time of day. 

Here’s the location:


Not What You Expected, Huh?

Perched right off the exit ramp it had everything I needed:

  • Clumps of red clover
  • A slight rise to lift my subject up
  • Trees at the right spot to filter the light

My location had what I need to bring the image I could already see in my head to life. We set up about an hour before sunset to wait on the light. And, a cloud showed up! I thought we were going to lose it and have to try again another day, but the sun broke through just enough to give me what I wanted. 

It seems like magic sometimes to know that with the right lens, the right apeture, the right ISO, the right shutter speed, and the right post processing I can create the images I see in my head and bring them to life. 

I’d love to help you do the same. Give me a call or send me a mesage below and lets plan how we can capture beautiful images of your pet and fill your home with images that make you smile. 

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