Like A Kid Christmas Morning


It’s really hard to pick a favorite part of the process. I love every aspect from learning about the dog and your family in our consultation to the actual session to putting the final details on your images in post processing to showing you your images for the first time to delivering the final product. I love that Johanna Gaines “Fixer Up” moment of unveiling your art for the first time real and tangible and in your hands. Sure, seeing the images finished and on the screen is exciting, but there is something about holding the real life art that makes the whole process worth it and so special.

Why Printed Art?

In a digital age, why do you want heirloom quality printed art? There are so many reasons! 

Beyond the transitory nature of the digital (remember floppy discs or 8-tracks?) and past the idea of social media likes, art is meant to be lived with. You don’t smile every time you walk pass that drawer of CDs, but you absolutely do when you walk pass your family photo on the wall. When you hold an album in your lap and flip through its pages you remember the family inside, you remember making every image, you remember the way they hold their head just so, or how funny is was when they barked ready for their close up. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love digital files too. I’m a nerd; I love tech. I want the home screen on my phone to be my dog and I want to share her adorable photos all over social media. That’s why I include the digital of every printed product… I want you to have both! 


Ready to Book Your Pet's Session?

Let me design a custom photo shoot just for you. I’ll capture your pet and create beautiful art work for you to have for years to come.