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Lira has one white toenail on a foot of all other black toenails. It’s the middle toenail. When she’s annoyed at us for doing something we’ll hold up that paw and say she’s giving us the bird. I love that little detail about her. I would recognize that toenail anywhere. Little details like your dog’s one white toenail or a crazy floppy ear or the way her lip gets caught on her tooth when she’s concentrating are special. In this week’s post, I’m going to share a few of my favorite details in dog photography from past sessions.

Dog Photography Detail –

Jamie’s Angel Wings

Jamie was rescued just before Christmas in 2016 and his momma calls him her Christmas Angel. When I asked what details she wanted to make sure we captured during his dog photography session – she said his wings!

I did a double check that I was photographing a dog, and not a parrot, and then saw what she sees every day. Jamie’s markings on his back are perfect angel wings!

I wanted to make sure to capture the detail of his angel wings during our dog photography session, but I also wanted to make sure the setting was just right.

Jamie’s session took place as we walked through pet friendly downtown Roswell, so I was on the lookout for something soft to be our background.

The moment I spotted this gorgeous blooming azalea with it’s ethereal white blooms – I knew I had the right spot.

Jamie's angel wings are his mom's favorite detail - a detail she wanted photographed during his dog photo shoot in Roswell Georgia.
Kissed by an angel - Pet photographer captures unique details in dog photography - like Jamie's angel wings.

Dog Photography Detail –

Mr. Barkington’s Snaggle Tooth &

Neville’s Crazy Tongue

Sometimes the dog details I get to photograph are more humorous, as was the case with this session.

First, can we just take a second to appreciate these names: Neville & Barkington. Have you ever heard more perfect names for these brothers from other mothers? And then when their mom shared her favorite details on their questionnaire I was smiling ear to ear.

We met for Barkington & Neville’s session on a chilly November morning in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park. Piedmont Park is quintessentially Atlanta – which means it can be busy.

But winter mornings in the park are one of my favorite times to shoot! Not only can we beat most of the crowd – other than some dire hard joggers and dog walkers, the light that comes down the path at the bridge during these winter mornings is just absolutely gorgeous.

I wanted to capture the joy and absurdity of these favorite dog details. And to do that I wanted that beautiful sunshine backlight to make the image bright and warm. We got everyone set up and photographed the brothers sitting side by side with the light I wanted and that snaggle tooth and crazy tongue on display!

Choosing the best background for pet photography means eliminating distractions.
What’s Your Favorite Detail on Your Dog?

What’s something you notice every day that makes your dog unique?

Is there something about them that you could pick out in a crowd?

This blog is a part of a blog circle with pet photographers near me and from across the globe! This week we’re talking all about details in dog photography.

Next up Darlene Woodward, MA, NH and ME Pet Photographer, explains the detailed process of an amazing dog photo session with Pant the Town Photography.

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  1. Nicole

    Oh my gosh, those two are adorable.

  2. Ivo

    Fantastic bokeh 🙂 Sigma Art?

    • cmbryson

      All my lenses are Nikon 🙂 (usually the 70-200 2.8 or 105 macro)

  3. Darlene

    THe image with both pups – LOVE!!! Stunning Bokeh, too!

  4. Tracy Allard

    Oh, the angel wings images are perfect! I would definitely want that detail captured if he were my pup!


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