DIY-ing Your Dog’s Photos



“Oh, I can totally do it myself.”

If I was going to try and DIY my own dog photos, it was going to take me 5 TIMES as long as if I hired someone else to do it

I know I’ve had that thought about DIY-ing my own dog’s photos.

I mean, I’m a dog photographer for goodness sakes – surely if anyone can do it, it’s me.

… then I started thinking about how LONG it takes to wrangle my own dogs. Even with help like for these images shared here.

… And how FRUSTRATED I’d get when I have no one to help hold leashes. (Thank you Michelle)

… And how good my dogs are at IGNORING me despite all my best attempts because they’re all “whatever, mom” (Even when I bring the Chick-Fil-A nuggets)

Eventually, I realized that if I was going to try and DIY my own dog photos, it was going to take me 5 TIMES as long as if I hired someone else to do it

– AND I would still have all the culling, editing, choosing finishes, picking where to hang wall art, designing the wall art, and ordering the artwork. (Which is why none of these are printed yet)

– AND I wouldn’t get as many photos. (I got 10 total usable images from 2 hours of photos)

– AND I wouldn’t be in ANY photos with my dogs. (just an unflattering angle video of my rear end)


No, thanks.

I love my DIY snapshots.

And I love capturing quick fun images with the camera I have most often (my phone).

– In fact, I have an entire free class about taking better photos of your dog with your phone you can sign up for here.

But when it’s time for art. When I want images that I am going to hang on my walls. Then it’s time to hire a pro.

Wondering if it’s time for you to do the same?

Getting help instead of DIY-ing your dog's photo can make everyone's experience better.
6 signs it's time to update your dog's professional portraits

6 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Professional Dog Portraits

  1. Your family has changed. Have you added a new pet or human to the family?
  1. Your dog is a puppy. They are only this little for a very little time. 
  1. Your dog isn’t a puppy anymore. There are 4 key times in your dog’s life to photograph them: When they first join your family. Their 1st birthday (or gotcha day). When they reach adulthood. And when they are a senior.
  1. You find that you don’t have many (or ANY) photos of you TOGETHER. Even if you think – “I don’t want to be in the pictures” there will come a time when you will wish you had photos of the bond you share. 
  1. You’ve moved into a new space and need to update the artwork on your walls.
  1. You’ve never actually had professional pet photos taken. 
Are you ready to stop diy-ing your dog photos?

Is it time to update professional photos of your dog?

Let’s put down the DIY and start planning your dog’s photo session.

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