Dog Photography Locations on a Walk Through Athens, Georgia’s Ben Burton Park

Have you ever planned to bring a new puppy home and start puppy proofing? Suddenly everywhere you look you see dangling cords that need to be addressed, breakable items perching precariously on low shelves, and so many things little puppy teeth can sink into. Becoming a professional pet photographer is just like that, but instead of potential puppy pitfalls you start to see dog photography locations everywhere. In this week’s post – I’m going to take you on a walk to find dog photography locations in Athens, Georgia’s Ben Burton Park.

Ben Burton Park is a 32-acre wildlife preserve located off Mitchell Bridge Road. The park is the site of a former hydroelectric generating station built in 1896 and used until 1964.

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A dirt pathway creates a leading line at Ben Burton Park in Athens, GA.
A dirt pathway creates a leading line at Ben Burton Park in Athens, GA.

Dirt Path?

Dog Photography Location

The first place I noticed as I walked down the bridge and into Ben Burton Park in Athens, Georgia was the thin dirt path that winds its way along the right side of the field.

A few things stood out to me as I stood at the park’s entrance and evaluated if this dirt pathway would make a good dog photography location. It needed to have good light, a non distracting background, and some compositional elements – you can read all about my 3 step process for finding the right spot for dog photography in this earlier blog. 

This spot checks all the boxes. The light is soft and beautiful as it filters through the trees. The background is clean and simple (a little creative posing hides that less than ideal trash can). And composition is where this location really shines – the leading line created by the path draws your eye right to our adorable Boston Terrier subject. PS. This is Impa – which is one of my favorite names for a mischievous little pup.

Big Oak Tree?

Dog Photography Location

As we continue through the park in search of photo locations, it’s hard to miss the big oak tree that dominates the grassy field on our left. There is one key thing that makes this tree magical as a photo op: access to the sky.

Because of how this tree stands in the long narrow field the light is absolutely gorgeous – diffused, directional, clean – all the best qualities for photographic light. Most early mornings there’s a little magical mist giving everything a dreamy soft quality. And then evening sessions here let me place your dog on the rise of a tiny little hill that then makes the background drop away into beautiful blurry bokeh. 


Favorite parks for dog photography from Atlanta to Athens Georgia by professional pet photographer Courtney Bryson.

Secluded Grove?

Dog Photography Location

It wasn’t until my third time in Athens’ Ben Burton Park that I spotted this little secluded grove right at the entrance to the park. Since it’s just before the entrance bridge and before you’re technically “in the park” I (and it seems most other people) just continue right past. This makes it an ideal location for dog photography because there are very few distractions. Once you come through the little opening the grove opens up in a big oval giving us plenty of light and lots of trees for diffusion. 

The only downside to this secluded grove is that it only works in the evening as the morning sun is blocked too fully. 


Great Pyrenees dog from Madison Georgia
dog photography locations in the park

That’s it – my 3 best dog photography locations at

Ben Burton Park in Athens, GA.

 Of course there are more – picnic benches for family photos, a tree with a gorgeous curved branch to create leading lines, wildflowers, and others make Ben Burton Park a great choice for your dog’s professional photography session.

This blog is a part of a blog circle with pet photographers from across the globe! This week we’re sharing our Walks in the Park. Next up Tammy of Tammy Snyder Photography shares the many places to photograph at Green Lane Park.

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  1. Jemma Martin

    Wow, what a lovely park to have at your disposal, stunning shots.

  2. Elaine

    Ben Burton Park sounds (and looks) like a wonderful spot! Your locations are awesome!

  3. Jessica

    This would for Sure be my dog photography session location of CHOICE in athens! So Many Options in one Place and that light is STUNNING!

  4. Darlene

    The images are beautiful! Perfect Light! Love that little path for the dogs.


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