Emerge Pet Photography Awards Part 2

Emerge Pet Photography Awards – Portfolio Review

I felt like I needed two posts to share about the Emerge Awards. While the individual pet photography challenges are judged individually the portfolios are then reviewed as a whole.

Each challenge is very different, and one of the biggest challenges I find is maintaining my own artistic style, even when photographing something very different.

I am really proud to have received a Highly Commended Portfolio award this round.

Here’s what the judges had to say: “Courtney – your warm, rich style is evident across nearly all your challenge submissions. You’ve cleverly interpreted the brief and responded so willingly to feedback. That Bokelicious image is full of golden beauty the Shake image is a favourite too and Double Trouble – what we can say – you make it look easy (but we know it wasn’t). Amazing work throughout Emerge!”

I love each of these images. And you know what I love the most? Most of the images were created with YOUR dogs.

Which one is your favorite?

Atlanta dog photographer awarded a highly commended portfolio award for her pet photos in the Emerge Dog Photography Awards.
The next round of challenges is called Empower and begins in early 2024.

Does your dog have what it takes to be an Empower model?

If you’d like to be notified when you can apply with YOUR dog,

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The Emerge Dog Photography Awards Challenges by Unleashed Education presents an international group of professional pet photographers with 12 challenges – each with a different theme of image to create, enter, and compete. While the primary goal is competition with myself – pushing myself creatively and improving my craft of pet photography – we also competed with each other. Each challenge is judged by two of the world’s leading pet photographers with decades in business, a long list of awards from international photography competitions, and some big name commercial clients (let’s just say you’ve seen their work on numerous occasions).
In each challenge you can receive a Top 20 or a Top 10 placement – as well as feedback on your work and suggestions for improvement. In the end I finished with a “Highly Commended Portfolio” highlighting work of a professional standard for my final 12 submissions, 3 Top 10 images, and 5 Top 20 images as well as an Overall Winner in the Double Trouble Challenge.

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