Rabbit Hill Park

Photographing the Araya family is like photographing my own family. Bella (the blue Boston) is my Lira’s sister and ChaCha (the little one) was also born into the rescue and is the most recent addition. Gracie I have known since the Araya’s started volunteering with rescue nearly 10 years ago!

Thankfully Ale brought the twins along and I brought my niece Rosie so we had plenty of hands on deck to wrangle all three girls. Add a few treats and a squeaky toy or two and “Voila'”, three perfect posing puppies!


This was my first time shooting a session at Rabbit Hill and I loved how easy it was to find beautiful spots in the park.

I really loved the areas around the water feature and created some of my favorite images there, like the one of Gracie all lit up from the sun. 

After playing in the water to cool down, we headed along the paved trail to several of the rock features. With the sun really bright behind us we were able to get the silhouette image of all three girls perched on the rock. 

As the sun continued to set, we moved over to the little mushroom covered stump. I love ChaCha’s little nymph face sitting on the tree stump. 

The Setting Sun


There is a magic few moments right before the sun dips below the horizon where the entire sky is on fire with soft golden light. This light always produces some of my favorite images, but it can be tricky to be in the right place at the right time. We managed to catch the light in Bella’s images. 

Displaying Your Art

One of the best parts of a session is deciding how to display your artwork. I absolutely love creating heirloom museum quality art work for your walls. Our dogs take up so much room in our arts, they surely deserve a little room on your walls. 

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