How to Care for Your Art from Your Dog Photography Session

Written by Courtney Bryson

Have you ever gone through old photographs that are yellow, brittle, & cracked?

 I don’t want that to happen to you.

While I do everything I can to provide you with archival quality artwork, there are a few things you need to be aware of to keep your art looking great.

In this blog, I’m sharing with you how to keep your dog’s artowrk looking as good in 100 years as it does today.

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1. Avoid Direct Sunlight

Unlike many of our furry pals, your artwork does not enjoy sunbathing.

While art is coated with a UV protection, colors can fade over time if exposed to direct sunlight on a daily basis.

Choose walls not directly opposite your windows for wall art. And for albums, make sure they aren’t directly in the suns rays on their shelf or coffee table.

2. Simply Wipe Clean

Dust bunnies are no one’s favorite pet, keep them tamed by simply wiping your artwork with a soft, dry, microfiber cloth.

Avoid harsh chemicals and all cleaning products.

3. Skip Harsh Chemicals

Beware the dangers of polish: the chemicals in furniture polish can be absorbed into your album pages, leading to discoloration.

5. A Note About Digital Files

Technology changes. Floppy discs, 8-tracks, film… remember those?

It’s only a matter of time before USBs go the way of dinosaurs and probably faster than you think.

All digital files should be backed up in at least 3 places digitally, and the best way to keep them safe?

Print them, live with them, enjoy them everyday.

Following these few simple steps will help you enjoy your art for years to come.

4. Live with your Art

Artwork does best in rooms where it can be enjoyed daily.

Basements, attics, and other un-lived in spaces that are not climate controlled or very humid or damp can damage the art, and hurt it’s feelings.

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