How to Choose the Best Pet Photographer in Atlanta for You & Your Pets

When it comes to photographing the furry love of your life – you know you want to find an expert. Choosing the right pet photographer for you can seem like an overwhelming task, after all you want someone that loves slobbery kisses and doesn’t ind a little fur. But, with a few simple questions you can make a choice that’s right for you and your dog or horse. 

5 Things to Consider When

Choosing a Pet Photographer

5 things to consider when choosing a pet photographer.
  1. Experience
  2. Style
  3. Process
  4. Final Product
  5. Budget

1. A Pet Photographer’s Experience

While I made my list in no particular order, for me, experience is the first priority. Pet photography is a specialty genre for a reason.

Of course you’d hire a wedding photograher to photograph your wedding. That’s a once in a lifetime event and you can’t just reshoot it. A newborn photographer is working with an infant, so choose an expert.

A pet photographer is working with animals – and not just any animal – this is the furry love of your life we’re talking about, and having someone that understands working with animals, posing animals, & posing you with your dog or horse is very important.


A few questions to ask about a pet photographer's experience.

  1. How long as the photographer been working with dogs, cats, horses, etc?
  2. Do they do any continuing education in photography?
  3. What about animal training or behavior classes as ongoing education?
  4. Do they belong to any professional organizations?
5 things to consider when choosing a pet photographer.

2. Pet Photography Style

Do you like studio images or on location or maybe lifestyle documentary images taken in your home or a combination of them all?

Does the pet photographer you’re considering showcase that style?

If you like studio style images, do you like classic portraits or bright colorful backgrounds? Lots of props? No props?

Do you prefer urban locations or park like settings for on location images?

Or is what you’re looking for really a session in your home capturing the ones you love in the place you love them most?

And once you’ve thought about all that, don’t forget things like editing styles.

Some pet photographers photograph dark & moody, or light & airy, or true color.

Be sure to check out their portfolio, blog, and social media for examples of recent pet photography work.

Photographing dogs is a better experience for everyone when your pet photographer understands canine body language.
Style should be considered when choosing a pet photographer.
Photographing dogs is a better experience for everyone when your pet photographer understands canine body language.

3. The Process of a Pet Photography Session

Your pet photographer should explain the process of working with them.

Some will send you questionnaires or have a consultation before the session to talk about what you want while other pet photographers will just meet you at the time & location selected. 

Some pet photographer’s will design a reveal for you to show you your images in person and help you select the images and artwork for your finished product while others will load your images onto an online gallery for you to download. 

Neither is right or wrong, but they are things you should be aware of before choosing a pet photographer. 

4. The Final Product

While we’re talking about the finished product, that’s another criteria to continue. This is a completely personal choice. 

As a pet photographer, I specialize in creating artwork from the images we create together. I design wall art and galleries and albums and image boxes for my clients in addition to offering digital files.

Presenting my clients with a tangible beautiful product is a big part of WHY I’m a pet photographer. 

But, maybe you want your images delivered on a disc or gallery online without any physical art, and there are pet photographers that offer that too.

Photographing dogs is a better experience for everyone when your pet photographer understands canine body language.
Roswell, Georgia has more than 60 dog friendly restaurants.

5. Your Pet Photography Budget

As long as the pet photographer is running a legal business and properly insured, there is a pet photographer for most every budget.

Don’t take risks with someone operating under the table… your pet’s safety is too important.

Pricing for pet photography will vary based on many factors – experience, processes, vendors, locations, and more all play a part.

Just remember, the price a pet photographer charges usually lines up with the value & experience they deliver.

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