How to Hang Wall Art – Portraits, Photographs, & Paintings – Like a Pro

Imagine this – We’ve finished your dog’s photo session & you’ve decided on your favorite images. You know you want to see that favorite furry face on your wall everyday, but how high up the wall do you put it? What size will fit over the couch – and heck, how high over the couch do you hang it? At the end of this post you’ll know how to hang wall art like a pro.

First, the only RULE to follow when hanging wall art of your dog is that it makes you happy. I’m going to share some pro guidelines in this post – but please, consider them a suggestion & feel free to disregard if something else makes you happy. This isn’t brain surgery. The entire reason you’re hanging wall art of your dog is because it makes you smile.

Classic timeless photographic art of your dog is possible with Atlanta dog photographer.
Atlanta dog photographer shares how to create a gallery wall with photos from your dog photography session.

60% –

Wall Art Guideline #1

So many people worry about ordering an image too large, but I’ve only ever had regrets from people who ordered too small. Sure, an 8×10 sounds kind of big, especially if everything you have is 4×6 and 5×7 around the house – but tape a piece of paper to your wall and then stand back to look at it.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.

An 8×10 looks awfully little on a big wall all by itself.

Generally your wall art should be about 60% of the size of the piece of furniture it hangs over – or about 60% of the wall space if there isn’t furniture. If your couch is about 70 inches in length which means your art should be about 41 inches wide – which is why a statement wall art at 30 x 40 inches is my most recommended size to hang over a couch.
If you love the look of a gallery wall (a collection of wall art hanging together) the 60% rule still applies, but you’ll want to measure the outside dimensions of the full gallery.

60 Inches –

Wall Art Guideline #2

This one is about how high off the ground to hang your wall art. Most recommendations say to place the center of the artwork, or the focal point, 60 inches above the floor.

If you consider the average height of people, it makes sense for the focal point to be at eye level. Many people (myself included as I look at the dog photos on the wall in my living room where I am currently sitting and writing this) tend to hang their artwork too high.

So while I add moving my wall art down to my never ending to-do list, let’s move on to guideline number 3.

Atlanta pet photograph visits Ponce City Market in downtown Atlanta for an early morning pet photography session.

6 Inches – Wall Art Guideline #3

If we go back to talking about hanging wall art over your couch – you’ll want to hang your art about 6 inches above the back of the couch. You can go as high as 8 inches, but 6 is the minimum (and fits with my rule of 6’s to remember).

Great Pyrenees dog from Madison Georgia

Now you’re hanging wall art like a pro and ready to fill your walls with the adorable faces you love most.

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