But First, Let’s Run Naked

It’s been raining, like a lot, over the last few weeks, and our weekend at Four Paws was no different. However, the rain gave us plenty of breaks and left the ground very, very soft. Jessie & Maydell are paralyzed from the waist down. Maydell from being struck by a car before being rescued by the Rescue Ranch. Jessie was kicked as a puppy which rotated her pelvis and broke her spine. Jessie was left to drag herself around for a year before she was rescued and therefore has some delicate scar tissue on her behind. (You can see more of her story on Facebook at Jessie’s Story). Jessie is a wild child at heart. She has two speeds: asleep & buck wild. The wet soft ground meant Jessie got to run and play with her friends completely free, no diaper, no boomers, no suspenders, no harness, no wheel chair, and she absolutely loved it! 

Daddy Daughter Time

I’ve been lucky enough to photograph Maydell & her dad several times and I love capturing the bond that they have. 

Maydell was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor a few weeks back and her family is concentrating on creating fabulous memories with her and helping her live the most amazing life possible. They are documenting her journey with #MaydellMakesAWish. So far she’s been camping, had a photo shoot, got a massage, went to the mountains, took a boat ride, and toured some waterfalls. 

Sister Sister

We coralled the girls together on the bench to get a few images them  together. I laugh every time I look at the one with Jessie laughing like a maniac while Maydell has this “really?” face going on. 

Getting each personality right during the session is both one of the biggest challenges, and best parts of photographing pets. 

Maydell’s Portraits

I first photohraphed Maydell when she came into the rescue, back when she was known as Bugsy back in 2016. I remember being struck by how beautifully regal her face was, and how her left ear has a little wave in it.

I wanted to photograph that. 

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