Natural Light Dog Photography in Madison, Georgia

Written by Courtney Bryson

Why Natural Light Dog Photography?

Natural light is just a photography term meaning I use the available light in our location to best capture your dog. While I do use off camera lighting when required, I prefer to use natural light during our pet photography session, especially when we are capturing your four legged kids in a beautiful outdoor setting. 

There is something really special about photographing dogs being dogs in a grassy field with the sunlight kissing their fur. 

Getting these sunfilled images requires we work mother nature, but I think the results are 100% worth it. If you’re looking for happy & sunny images from your pet photography session, we’ll make sure we hold the session on a sunny morning or afternoon to capture all that gorgeous golden light. 

Athens pet photographer photographs dogs in natural throughout Georgia.
Athens pet photographer captures hunting dog breeds in a gorgeous natural setting.

Dogs are like sunshine on the darkest days.

A pet photographer can help you get images of your dogs together during a dog photo shoot in Madison, Georgia.

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