It’s Week 8 of the Pet Photography Project 52, and I’m glad to be back in the loop. This week is all about the silhouette. These are fun images that can really tell a story. I started exploring with silhouette images last year when I did this one of Cora.

There is always something a little wistful about a silhouette image for me. There is a story of longing for something and a bit of mystery in the dark subject. It seemed like a perfect way to highlight Cora’s story.

Cora has been my foster for nearly 4 years now. I’m not sure if it’s she’s lucky or not. Cora was listed as a Boston Terrier mix by a local animal control with a high euthanasia rate. She was listed as pregnant, malnourished, heart worm positive, and rescue only. Because they listed her as a Boston Terrier and I run a Boston Terrier rescue, we were notified. Of course, meeting Cora was enough to see she’s not a Boston Terrier, but by then we couldn’t say no.

Cora had been abused. She had burn marks along her ribs on both sides, and other than her distended belly she was just skin and bones. Luckily Cora wasn’t actually pregnant, intestinal parasites gave her the bloated look. We treated her for the intestinal worms and heart worms. We brought her up to date on her vaccines and had her spayed. We also discovered Cora was dog aggressive.

So here she is, a dog reactive (not aggressive now after years of training) pocket sized pit bull stuck in a Boston Terrier rescue. But, she is safe and she is happy. She has her own private yard to spend time in when she’s out of the kennel. She takes Scent Work classes which she LOVES and excels at. And she waits looking out towards the horizon for a family to call her own.

See more of Cora here.

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