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custom photography of dogs to delight their people

“I was beyond thrilled with my photos! The entire process was seamless, from booking to receiving my photo items.

Courtney has a remarkable eye, and a very nice way about her when it comes to interacting with the fur babies.”

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

– Anatole France.

“Very thrilled with the photos and the artwork of my precious doggie and me. These are our family photos!!! Courtney is professional, patient and knows how to get the great photos. She was even very cognizant of my dog’s reactive tendencies to other dogs in the photo setting. I highly recommend CM Bryson Photography. She has the “Dozer” stamp of approval!!”

If you’ve ever called in to work because your furry kid is sick, you’re in the right place. If you’ve ever caught yourself saying “Party of 3” when making a dinner reservation for you & your spouse because you count the dog as family without even thinking, this is pet photography designed for you.


I create a luxury pet photography experience of dogs (and cats & horses) for dog moms. After getting to know you & your furry family, we’ll create a session that captures what makes your dog so special.


If you love the way his forehead wrinkles when he’s being serious or the gleeful way he retrieves the ball or maybe it’s just the way he looks adoringly at you while you’re holding his favorite treat, those are the things I’ll capture for you.

How it works

STEP 1: Choose A Session

Almost like a pick your own adventure book, I have a few starting places for you where we can begin to design the right session for you.


If you’re like most of the people I work with, a Signature session will be perfect for you. Signature sessions are designed for photographing the whole family with the dogs as the star of the show. A Signature session is photographed for creating my client’s favorite artwork: an album that holds all the memories from the day we spend together rolling in the grass, playing in the water, throwing balls, and eating treats. You’ll also have plenty of dog portraits to choose from for a gallery wall of images or maybe just one perfect framed canvas for the wall.


If you’re looking for a simple pet photography session to create a stunning wall portrait of your dog or just a mini album, take a look at the Limited session which gives you a taste of the full experience while still delivering a few portraits you’ll love.


And lastly, if travel & incredible experience is more your style, the Adventure session would be exactly the right dog photography option for you. The Adventure session includes both a sunrise & a sunset photo shoot at a variety of incredible locations where you can make an entire weekend getaway all about your dog. We’ll travel to Savannah, GA for old historic Southern charm in the downtown districts or maybe visit Jekyll Island for sunrise photos at Driftwood Beach. We can visit my favorite dog campground at Four Paws Kingdom in Rutherfordton, North Carolina or go to Mount Pleasant, South Carolina for expansive dog beaches and Charleston Spanish moss. An Adventure dog photography session is a once in a lifetime kind of experience to share with your dog.

How to choose the best pet photographer in Atlanta - A Guide for Pet parents

STEP 3: Art Ordering Appointment


This is your favorite part of the experience.


You’ll see your photos presented in a beautiful video slideshow set to music that brings on all the feels. Seeing your dog in the spotlight and images that capture the incredibly special relationship you share has been known to bring tears to eyes.


I’ll guide you through as you choose your favorite images and together we’ll plan how to display them. An album or image box to hold all your favorite photos that you’ll enjoy turning the pages of for years to come. And wall art that we can design right on your walls so you know exactly how everything will look when it’s finished and delivered. Which brings us to the final piece of the puzzle.

Athens pet photographer CM Bryson shares an inquiry guide with clients
Model pups lends a helping paw to create a great brand for Atlanta dog walking service.

STEP 2: The Photo Shoot

Now the magic happens. After you & I have talked and planned the session you & your dog have been dreaming of, we’ll meet on session day.This will be your dog’s favorite part: treats, toys, funny noises, and mom’s full attention on a fun day all about your dog! I’ll roll all over the grass making squeaky noises and photograph your dog looking their absolute best.

And the best part?


Your dog’s only job is to be their doggie self – distractions and squirrels and tongues out are all 100% OK.


Did you know nearly every single photo you’ve scrolled by on this website and on my Instagram have been taken with the dog safely on leash? Yep, 10 years of working with shelter dogs will teach you that safety is always the number one priority.

Athens pet photographer CM Bryson shares an inquiry guide with clients

STEP 4: Art Delivery

There is something magical about the way turning the pages of an album brings back memories in a physical way. Suddenly you can smell the freshly cut grass again and touch your dog’s fur under your fingers.


You feel the warm sun on the back of your hair and your dog is looking at you with love and your heart is just full to bursting again. And while the photo album will have a place of honor on your coffee table, you need something that makes you smile every day too.


Walking past your favorite furry face framed in beautiful reclaimed barn wood above the table in your entryway as you head out for work each morning will remind you that you work hard so your dog can have a better life.


All your chosen artwork will arrive to you ready to be displayed in your home.




Local Locations (15 mi of Rutledge, GA)

Includes 2 Dogs

Limited Booking Dates

20 Minute Session

10-15 Final Images to Select From

Ideal for a Single Wall Portrait or Mini Album

$125 Product Credit 

reservation fee





Locations within 100 mi of Rutledge, GA

Flexible Priority Scheduling 

Weekend Availability (book soon, dates fill quickly)

Unlimited Subjects – Including Humans

30+ Images to Select From

In Person Reveal

Perfect for a Wall Gallery & Album or Image Box

$325 Product Credit

reservation fee




Beach & Mountain Locations

  • 4 Paw Kingdom Campground – North Carolina
  • Mount Pleasant, SC – Beaches
  • Jeykll Island – Driftwood Beach
  • Savannah, Georgia – Historic Downtown
  • & More!

Create an Unbelievable Experience

Capture It All

Contact for Booking Dates

$2700 Product Credit


reservation fee


The Art We Create Together


Perfect for people who want it all! Hand stitched albums with images printed directly on thick luxe paper, an album is a timeless way to display your favorite images. Albums can include ALL the images from your session and include complimentary social media digital files of all included images!

Image Boxes

Image boxes are a modern take on the traditional album. Images are printed on archival cotton rag paper. Change up your displays by swapping your images in and out of frames and display blocks. Image boxes include your complimentary social media images of all included images.

Signature Framed Wall Art

When you’re ready to elevate your style to a work of art, my gorgeous matte archival canvases or traditional photographic art prints framed in a client favorite reclaimed barn wood is the perfect choice to showcase your favorite images.

Unframed Wall Art

For simply beautiful displays for your home, I offer modern acrylic glass, contemporary metal, and traditional canvas. We’ll select the finish that is perfect for your home and images.

Wall Galleries

Tell your story with a curated collection of your artwork. Using your walls, I’ll design a custom display to perfectly fill your space with your favorite images. The best part, you’ll receive an extra 10% discount on wall art when you choose 3 or more pieces.

Digital Files & More

Social media files are INCLUDED with every purchased image for sharing  with friends & family. High resolution digital files are also available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, even your dog can have professional photos. Even if they aren’t trained, even if they can’t be off leash, even if they don’t like other dogs, even if they are blind or deaf or paralyzed, even if they are a puppy or an old puppy. I have worked with them all and we can make beautiful photos of your dog.

What if my dog can't be off leash?

Want to know a secret? 90% of the dogs you see on my website were wearing a leash! The other 10% were all inside a secure fence! And sometimes both! With the magic of photoshop, I can create the off leash images you want while keeping your pet safe. 

My dog is too nervous/excited/untrained to get good images.

For more than 10 years I have worked with rescue dogs and photographed 1,000’s of adoptable dogs & cats. Most of them have ZERO professional training and are going through the scariest experience of their lives. 

We will design the session to fit your dog. If your dog is nervous in crowded areas, we’ll choose a private space. I need less than 1/1000th of a second to capture a great expression. Professional camera gear can stop motion, unlike your cell phone, so even fast moving dogs can have gorgeous portraits. 

What if my dog has a disability?

I have photographed blind dogs, deaf dogs, paralyzed dogs, and dogs with neurological disorders.

Your session is custom designed for your dog, and we work at their pace to keep them comfortable, safe, and happy.

How much should I plan to spend?

As everything is custom, how much you choose to spend is entirely up to you. Artwork begins at $250. Collections start at $1450. 

My dog doesn't have much time left. Can you see us quickly?

I’m so sorry. Our pet’s lives are tragically short. 

Please let me know in your booking inquiry that time is of the essence and I’ll do everything in my power to schedule you as quickly as possible. 

Recent Sessions

Happy Pets & People

"Such a wonderful experience! A true professional with has an exceptional knack for animals! Totally recommend!"

Trish & Hazel

"I am thrilled with the outcome! This will get a very special place in my home."

Krista & Scarlett

"I had such a great experience with Courtney! She ensured not only that the pups were prepared but that I was also. I had a detailed checklist of what to do to prepare before the shoot. From how far in advance to get the groomed/bathed to Coloring/cutting my hair in advance (if needed), what color and texture of clothing to wear for the best results, recommended collars for the pups. I think she had everything covered. Courtney was very patient with all of us :). If you are looking for photos with your furry family, I would absolutely recommend her!"

Liz, Kaos, & Kali

"We were lucky enough to attend the Love Barks event at Pet Pleasers Bakery in Gainesville, and Courtney captured some amazing photos of my dogs. It can be challenging to get them to sit still, but Courtney is a pro! Everything was set up perfectly to maximize our time there, and she is so fast with that camera. She was even able to Photoshop my hand + the leash out of several of the photos. It was a great experience, and we look forward to doing another session with Courtney soon!"

Kristen, Teddy, & Chloe

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