Working with Special Needs Pets


Many clients worry that we won’t be able to get beautiful images of their pet because of a myriad of reasons. In Blew’s case, his mom was worried that being deaf and a bit of a live wire would make getting images of him very difficult. Lucky, I have quite a bit of experience with various special needs dogs, including having my own deaf dog, Bocephus (you might find his picture on the site where he’s peeking over the fence with Lira & Mikey). Add in a few of my favorite tricks for deaf dogs, like favorite treats and some quick hand movements to direct their gaze and a fast shutter speed (meaning my camera captures the action at 1/1000th of a second or faster) means getting images even of quick moving and deaf dogs can be done. I was especially in love with light in this image of Blew. 

Senior Photos

There is something magical about photography old dogs. They have a depth and wisdom in their eyes that you just don’t see until they age. I was happy to photograph two seniors, Rex and Cornelius. 

Cornelius the corgi has tons of personality and plenty of pep in his step for a senior pup. Plus, once he figured out the game of treats for smiles, he was happy to work for me. 

Sweet Rex crossed the bridge just two days after his photographs were taken and I feel honored to have captured him in his final days. 


Art Installation

We held Susan’s shoot with Rex, Blew, & Cornelius with the intention of adding some art to the walls of Pet Wants in Madison. Thanks to the magic of technology, I was able to photograph the walls and build some mock ups of the design making the selection process as easy as saying “Yes!”. 

Did you know I can do the same with your walls and your images from our session?


You can also see my work on the wall of another Madison, Georgia pet business: The Fetch House!

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