Photographing Dogs for Canine CellMates Charity Calendar – Behind the Scenes

Canine Cellmates, a unique nonprofit organization dedicated to rehabilitating inmates and shelter dogs, collaborates each year with local pet photographers to create a stunning annual charity calendar that captures the transformation and the bond between humans and canines. Founded on the belief that both shelter dogs and inmates deserve a second chance, Canine Cellmates offers a life-changing program where inmates are given the opportunity to train and care for rescue dogs. I was honored this year to be asked to be one of the photographers photographing dogs for the Canine CellMates Charity Calendar. 


I loved getting to spend a day with some of the incredible staff at Canine CellMates – and meet so many of the dogs! Not only did I photograph 3 of the success stories that will be featured in the calendar, I also got to meet and photograph a few of the new arrivals to the program who will soon begin their journey.  


This blog is a part of a blog circle with pet photographers from across the globe!

Next up join Maine Dog Photographer Gina Soule as she shares the heartwarming tale of a Rescue Dog’s story of overcoming adversity.

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  1. Nicole

    what an awesome program to be involved in!


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