Photographing Perfect Dogs

I don’t know when we decided that our dogs had to be perfect before we were worthy of having photographs of them.

Perfectly trained with perfect off leash manners…

Perfectly groomed & bathed with not a fur out of place…

I mean, I love my dogs freshly bathed and being perfectly behaved (you know, when they’re sleeping)—don’t get me wrong …

While not every dog is an agility champion with perfect off leash manners to be perfectly loved and worthy of being photographed.
Even dogs that have rolled in something stinky during their session are worthy of being photographed.

… but sometimes, in fact, MOST times my dogs are not perfect dogs – they are dogs.

They’ve rolled in something particularly disgusting at their last potty break before bed (Lira), or snarfed that last french fry right off my plate while running ON the table (Carolina), or just completely ignored me calling their name for 10 minutes because he’s BUSY (Mikey).


Using complimentary elements through out your dog's photo shoot helps create a cohesive photo album to tell the story of the day.

Your Signature Session is built with your dogs being ACTUAL dogs in mind—

I’m not photographing perfect dogs…

… or stuffed animals…

… or only champion obedience dogs…

… or even dogs off leash.

I photograph dogs – imperfect dogs, stinky dogs that spent the first 10 minutes of our session rolling in a dead animal, dogs that only work for bribes (treats), silly dogs, wild dogs, happy dogs, anxious dogs, reactive dogs, show dogs, sports dogs, working dogs, your best friend dog, real perfectly LOVED dogs.

Don't be afraid to let your dog get a little dirty at their photo session.

What does this mean for YOU?

You’re EXACTLY the type of person that I work with all the time and your dogs are exactly the types of dogs I want to work with.

Consider this your official free pass to enjoy your dogs exactly as they are, celebrate them exactly as they are, and STOP putting off scheduling your session.

Knowing the details that you love about your dog can help Atlanta's dog photographer CM Bryson know exactly what to zoom in on.
Puppy dog eyes photos are best saved for the end of your dog's Atlanta' photo shoot.

Only 15 spots for Signature Sessions available in 2023

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  1. Nicole

    So true! I used to give my dogs baths on photo days, then I got old. Now it’s all about being real. haha

  2. Carol

    Hahaha I’d say starting off a session with a good spritz of “eau di dead animal” makes for even better memories of the experience…and at least the photos themselves won’t stink (see what I did there?!). Imperfect dogs are the best kind of dogs.


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