Photography Locations for Pet Photography: What I See vs What You See

I’ve often heard people describe artists as having “an eye” and it wasn’t until I began training my own eye as a professional photographer that I really understood what it meant. Developing an eye for seeing locations like a photographer takes practice. In this blog I’m going to share a behind the scenes view of what I see vs what you see in choosing locations for pet photography.

A behind the scenes look at a dog photography location at the humane society.
Light shapes a not so special location to an ideal spot for pet photography for adoptable dogs.
All it takes is light, color, texture, & good angle to create a beautiful location for pet photography.

Light, Color, Texture, & Angles – Finding the Right Location for Pet Photography


Light (most important), color, texture, & angles all play a part in finding the right pet photography location. Last week while I visited my local Humane Society of Morgan County to photograph their adoptable dogs, I took a few quick pictures of where I choose to take photos. 

Not much to look at right?

But, there are several things at play that make this a great location for pet photography. The light is the most important. Not only do we have pretty filtered light coming through the trees, we also have the dumpster behind us. Well, the dumpster isn’t so great, but the cream painted brick wall it sits behind is ideal for reflecting clean colored light back towards our dog subjects.

 We also have a nice texture created because our dog can sit far enough in front of the pretty light filtering trees that the background just becomes soft and dreamy.

And lastly angles: by adjusting the angle we can hide the quarantine kennels, the agility equipment, & the storage shed.

Atlanta pet photographer helps rescued dogs find their forever homes by photographing them at the Humane Society of Morgan County.
Finding pockets of pretty light results in great location for pet photography

You don’t need a lot of space to create pet portraits that help adoptable dogs stand out. 

This blog is a part of a blog circle with pet photographers from across the globe! This week we’re all about what we see as photographers vs. what you might see at a dog photography location. I always think it’s fascinating to step into the mind of an artist – so I’ll be reading every blog this week!

Next up Elaine Tweedy of I Got the Shot Photography, gives you some insight into how she imagines your final photos will look, while she is taking them.

Be sure to keep clicking the link at the bottom to complete the circle until you wind up back here!

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  1. Elaine

    Light, color, texture and angles. This is a photographer’s world. So true.

  2. Tracy Allard

    I’m so happy that you lend your talent to help local rescue and shelters, thank you – your beautiful work makes all the difference in the world to help these pups find their forever home.


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