Into the Woods

Pixie is a tiny little fawn chihuahua, and I just knew she’d be perfect for a session in the forest and around the lake at Fort Yargo in Winder, Georgia. Pixie’s session was actually my first time at Fort Yargo, so I arrived early to scout the best locations for her photographs. I’ll include some of my cell phone planning grabs at the end of this post. 

The moment I saw the little “path” between 3 large trees, I knew Pixie would be perfect peeking between the trunks.

One of my favorite challenges of photographing small dogs is showing their size, as getting down on their level and letting them fill the frame of the camera, can sometimes make them larger than life. 

To really showcase little pixie sized Pixie, I made sure to photograph her with the enviroment around her. Pixie’s session was a senior dog session and as Pixie is currently taking medications for congestive heart failure, creating images that will last and keep all those special details about Pixie was one of the most important goals when crafting this custom session for Pixie and her family. 

Finding What Works

After our walk through the forest, we spent a little time at the ruins at Fort Yargo. So far, Pixie hadn’t been into any of my squeaky noises or treats I had had tried. I always make an effort to have a lot of variety as my models find different things valuable. This time, my new chicken  treats from Earth Animal were a hit! In fact, Pixie liked them so much she sent her dad to Pet Wants in Madison to pick her up her own bag after the session!

Once we found what Pixie wanted to work for, she turned on her super model side. We got some really gorgeous portraits of Pixie on the stone steps, at the hewn wooden benches, and a great Puppy Dog Eyes picture of her in the clover. Puppy Dog Eyes is one of my favorite poses since it shows the dog parents a view of their pup they are most used to seeing,wide eyed looking up with love at you (or in this case at the chicken).

Chihuahuas think they are big dogs, so to photograph that Chihuahua “big dog” personality, we brought Pixie over to the lake. She hopped onto the rock and gave me her best “I’m a giant dog” look and I photographed her with the big sky behind her really capturing her larger than life.

Finding the Light

As the light started to move behind the trees the golden sun made a beautiful back light and gave Pixie a gorgeous halo, which made a perfect wrap up for the session. We ended with a few Pixie & moms photographs on the dock, highlighting the human animal bond they share.

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