Props for Personal Brand Photography for Pet Professionals

Props can help you get your message across more clearly, create additional variety in your images, and give you something to do with your hands. In this post I’m sharing some ideas for planning your branding photography session as a pet professional. 

Show – Not Tell

Using Props in Personal Branding Photos for Action, Personality, & Concepts

Props give you a chance to talk about something specific and can give you a jumpstart in your content creation. If you have your favorite dog training book in your hand, you can talk about the philosphy, give recommendations, and even share your favorite quotes from the book. When your dog is in the photo with you, not only are you instantly relatable, you can share personal stories about your own dog journey.  

Tools of the Trade

Are there items you use every day at work? These are your tools of the trade and they can help you show the actions that you do every day.

For example, as a photographer, I’d be sure to have my camera and some of my favorite artwork in my own branding photos. A realtor might consider a “For Sale” yard sign or a “SOLD” sign or a key. A dog trainer should think about the equipment they recommend: certain leashes, harnesses, collars they like or maybe a Kong & the treats you stuff inside.

Who YOU Are

Is it a running joke with your co-workers that you always slide into the office with barely a minute to spare, but your Dunkin’ Donuts coffee in hand? Maybe you never go anywhere without a stash of poo bags dangling out of your pocket or your dog’s absolute favorite (and now quite dirty) stuffed rabbit he’s had since he was a puppy.

You can use props to share who you are to connect to your ideal client in a relatable way. 

Make Concepts Tangible

You could also use props to convey a specific message. This is the trickiest of the 3, as you try and make intangible concepts and ideas become visual. 

If you have a course or class you teach, maybe you could have a welcome sign you or your dog is holding that you email over to welcome your new students.

Download the Prop Guide

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