Rescue Dogs of Atlanta, Georgia

If you’ve been here a minute you probably know I have a big soft spot for rescue dogs. While I love ALL dogs and support preservation & responsible breeding, I feel a special calling to support rescue dogs. I was the kid who carried home every stray animal. And, I am the woman who co-founded a dog rescue and moved to a farm an hour away from the city to save special needs dogs. This week – I want to explore why we love rescue dogs and celebrate a few of the rescue dogs of Atlanta.

Georgia pet photographer shares her tips for new pet parents.
Atlanta pet photographer tells the story of fostering 10 pit bull puppies and their mom during the COVID19 Quarantine

Why We Love the Underdog –

The Rescue Dog

Everyone loves an underdog. Whether you’re rooting for your favorite sports team who comes from behind to clinch the win or cheering for the abandoned pitbull mama and her 10 puppies that I fostered on the Dodo – humans love to see stories of overcoming the odds.

According to Psychology Today we love the underdog because, “They tap into the qualities we like best about ourselves and find most admirable in others. We love underdog stories because we feel like they need us. It creates that gravitational bond between us and the underdog because we love to feel needed as social creatures.”

Watching the rescue dog overcome impossible odds and find a loving forever home gives us hope.

Where to Find Atlanta Rescue Dogs

Atlanta is home to some really incredible rescue groups working hard to save more animals every day.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Atlanta pet photograph visits Ponce City Market in downtown Atlanta for an early morning pet photography session.

Photographing Rescued Dogs in Atlanta

My favorite rescue dog stories always end with finding the perfect forever home. And what better way to celebrate finding the furry love of your life than with a professional photo shoot? Here are just a few of the rescued dogs I’ve photographed in the heart of Atlanta.

I’m part of an international group of professional pet photographers bringing you blog posts every week. Just click the link at the end of each blog to read perspectives from around the world. You’ll complete the circle when you end up back here.


Next up: Angela Schneider of Big White Dog Photography, hanging with four gorgeous German shepherds of Spokane, WA.

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  1. Nicole

    excellent post. so true that seeing the underdog pull through gives us hope.

  2. Elaine

    We are on the same page when it comes to rescue pets. Lovely photos!

  3. Tracy Allard

    What a wonderful idea to educate people on local rescue groups – gonna have to borrow that one (which I’m hoping you won’t mind as it will help more rescue dogs find homes!) and your images are darling, the one of the pup chasing the tennis ball – I give that one a 10!!!


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