Regal Rhett

Rhett was such a joy to photograph! As soon as he arrived with his mom and dad with his bright red bandana, smiling, face, and tennis ball, I knew we were going to create some great images. Rhett was pretty fearless when we asked him to jump up on things, and was always ready to strike a pose! I love his images up on the rocks where he really looks like he’s king of the hill! 

Everything the Light Touches

Ok, so some of you might catch the Lion King reference, but what I really want to share with you is about photographing black dogs. It can be tricky to get a great photo of dogs with black fur! 

How do you keep the black looking black, not gray or blue or green? How to keep their eyes from disappearing and just being black dots?

The best tip I can give you for getting photos of your black dog (other than hiring a professional pet photographer) is to get lots of light. Open shade, like a porch or awning, is your friend. Face your dog towards the light (towards the opening) keeping them in the shade. Also, keep an eye out for lots of green or dense shadows which can make your dog’s fur look blue or green from the reflections on their shiny coats. If there isn’t great open shade, try taking pictures early in the morning or late afternoon when the sun is lower in the sky and face your pup so he’s looking towards the sun so his eyes will be nice and sparkly! 

Have fun photographing your dog! 


Filling Your Walls

Your home should make you smile everyday, and nothing makes you smile faster than seeing your favorite furry faces smiling back at you!

Creating custom wall galleries to compliment your home, and more importantly fill you with joy, is something I love to create for you!  

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