Third Time’s the Charm


The weather was not being overly cooperative and we had to reschedule Scarlett’s shoot 3 separate times before the skies finally cleared. While the rain threatened a bit about halfway into our session, we were able to get some gorgeous images of Scarlett before the rain starting falling at the end of her session. There is something pretty special though about the light you get just before a storm and all the soft clouds made her shiny black fur just luminous.

Water Dog

In the hotter summer months, I love to find locations with access to a little water. Not only does the water help keep the dogs cool (and me too because I am always ending up knee deep to get the shot!), it is also a beautiful element in the images. I was delighted that Scarlett enjoyed the water and obliged us by standing right in the middle of the little water feature so I could take her photo. We did have one worried moment where I though Scarlett might jump right in the lake, leash and all, but a squeaky toy and call from mom convinced her to save her swimming for another day. 

We let Scarlett’s paws dry off with a quick lap around the lake then she settled down for a few relaxed laying down portraits with the sun shining behind her and a few drops of rain started to fall signaling the end of our evening together. 


In Three’s

Since 3 is my lucky number with Scarlett, I envisioned her art in sets of three. 

My professional lab for canvas is G7 Color Certified, which is a fancy way of saying the color and consistency is always guaranteed and because it is mounted on a solid wooden surface, they won’t sag or dip with age. I am proud to offer you archival wall art that will make you smile for years to come. 

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