What A Smile

Sweet Potato, affectionately known as Peanut, lives with her mom outside of Knoxville, Tennessee so when Deb booked her camping trip to join the Rescue Ranch at Four Paws Kingdom Campground in Rutherfordton, NC we knew this was our chance to capture her portraits. The weather looked like it might foil our plans, but the skies opened up big and blue in the hours before sunset and the images we captured of Sweet Potato were perfect. 

Fresh Air & Freedom

After a few on leash portraits to make sure Sweet Potato was comfortable with the clicks of my camera, we headed into Pond Park, which is my favorite fenced in off leash area of Four Paws, for some off leash play. Sweet Potato spent a few minutes just reveling in the open space, racing around and paying me no attention at all. 

I did win her over for a couple of images with treats at the big orange tire (perfect Vols color for her TN loving mom). Then, we figured out Sweet Potato’s kyptonite… an orange squeaky ball! 

Water Baby

Deb had no idea that Sweet Potato was a swimmer, but when it came to rescuing that ball, she was game! I splashed into the pond, nearly spilling myself and gear into the muddy water, and played fetch with Sweet Potato capturing pictures as she splashed and played.  

We ended our session with a few pictures with mom Deb and we all headed in covered in mud & grinning like little kids. 

Telling the Story

I’m so glad that Deb decided to go with an album to tell the story of Sweet Potato’s session. Each image was special and really added to the narrative of our day splashing around. I don’t think any other medium can tell the story better! 

I’ll be sure to share more images of Sweet Potato’s gorgeous book of images as soon as it arrives from the printer’s! 

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