Tails of Madison

Do you live in or around Madison, GA?

Do you love your dog?

Do you want gorgeous photos of your dog?

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Looking for a Few Good Dogs

I’m working on an exciting photography project featuring the dogs who live around Madison and need a few models. 


How it Works

You’ll have a complimentary photoshoot of your dog at a Madison area location. You’ll get to see the final images and choose TWO of your favorites to receive as digital files for your participation. You’ll also have the option, but no obligation, to purchase any additonal images. 


How Will Images Be Used?

There are a couple plans in mind for putting together fundraisers for local animal rescues. I will also use the pictures on my website, social media, and marketing materials. 

What Do YOU Get?

  • Complimentary Photo Shoot
  • 2 Fully Retouched Images
  • Special Discounts on Any Additional Purchases from the Session
  • To list “Model” on your Dog’s Resume
  • Help Raise Funds for Local Animal Rescues

Want to See More?

Take a look at the slideshow below and portfolio to get an idea of my work.

I also use these model call sessions to try out new ideas, locations, and more… so there is ALWAYS a chance of some magic happening! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How will applicants be selected?

I am looking for a wide variety of models and looking to represent as many breeds (including mixes), ages, and sizes as possible. I’ll be selecting models based on who I feel will best fit in the sessions. 

What if my dog isn't well trained?
Your dog needs absolutely no special training to have a beautiful photoshoot. Most sessions are completed with the dogs on leash 100% of the time. We’ll use their favorite treats and lots of funny noises with breaks from working hard as a model to make this experience fun for them!
Can I have more than 1 dog?

Of course you can! Please complete a separate application for each dog. 

Ready to Get Started?

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