The Best Dog Collars for Pet Photography

Choosing the best collars for your dog’s photography session is just as important as choosing what you’re going to wear in the photos. And, there are nearly as many options for your dog’s wardrobe as your own!

In this blog I’m sharing my reccomended best dog collars for pet photography. 

While leashes are typically removed from your final images, your dog’s collar will remain in their portrait. Spending a little time thinking about what will suit your dog will make your images even more special. 

Your dog can become a model for Pet PLeasers Bakery in Gainesville, Georgia with pet photographer CMB

Let’s Get Naked – No Dog Collar


Yes, it can be that kind of photo shoot. I have to admit, I’m a sucker for a naked dog – and who can resist saying “You’re NAKKIE!” whenever you take your dog’s collar off?

Of course, I also love a dog that is SAFE – so unless we’re doing an in studio session – we’ll keep collars on through-out the session. But, if you love a naked look – picking the right dog collar is super important so I can do a little digital magic to remove the collar in post production.

The best dog collar for pet photography where you want a naked look is a thin dog collar.

Choosing a dog collar that is a 1/2 inch or less and in a neutral color similar to your dog’s coat will be the simplest to remove in post production. You’ll also want to spend a little time before the session reminding your dog to not pull on lead, as we don’t want a strained neck. If your dog is a puller, consider having a simple harness to wear while we walk from location to location that we can just take off before starting the portraits.

Keep it Simple –

Best Plain Dog Collars

My next collar recommendation is to keep it simple. For so many of my client’s have a photo session with their dog only happens once in your dog’s lifetime. These are the images you are going to keep FOREVER of your dog and while that Kermit collar is adorable – it might not look great hanging over the mantle. 

A great option for a timeless collar that will look good now, never stink, and last a long time even if your dog is super active is biothane. Lira has a beautiful purple-ish gray biothane collar from Get Dirty that we’ve taken camping and boating and hiking and mud wallowing and it wipes off to look exactly as good today as it did when I bought it! 

If your dog is active, loves to swim, and especially love mud wallowing – a biothane collar is a great option for everyday life and your dog photography session!

Another option for simple dog collars for pet photography is unadorned leather or faux leather in a neutral color that compliments your dog’s coat. 


Atlanta pet photograph visits Ponce City Market in downtown Atlanta for an early morning pet photography session.
A pet photographer can help you get images of your dogs together during a dog photo shoot in Madison, Georgia.

Make it Meaningful –

Best Sentimental Dog Collars

Having your dog professionally photographed is a special occasion. This is a big deal – and maybe you want to have extra sentimental value baked into your photos.

I get attaching special meaning to collars – before every big sugery for one of my dogs they get a handmade leather Paco Collar. At this point it’s superstitious – Lira survived a surgery with a 50% survival chance wearing her first Paco & Carolina went through hard & soft cleft palate repair surgery wearing her first Paco. 

At a recent session my client had custom collars with her dog’s names. Her dog’s are Cobalt & Xenon and their collars had their element on them! It was so special and makes these images uniquely hers. 

While I love naked dogs & simple collars – don’t be afraid to bring a super sentimental collar to your session too! And be sure to check out this blog with the 5 Things You Need Before Your Dog’s Photo Session. 

Great Pyrenees dog from Madison Georgia
What’s your style?

Which style dog collar makes your dog look their best?

This blog is a part of a blog circle with pet photographers from across the globe! This week we’re sharing the best dog collars for pet photography & other great collar tips and tricks. Next up Tracy Allard of Penny Whistle Photography, Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex dog photographer, shares one of her favorite collars for your pup’s photo shoot. 

Be sure to keep clicking the link at the bottom to complete the circle until you wind up back here!

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  1. Nicole

    I am all for naked dogs!

  2. Elaine

    Biothane is definitely a nice option. I have many field work dog owners who choose biothane. I am partial to leather for photos with larger dogs. Your blog is great. I love reading it because it is always fun and precise!

  3. Jessica

    I am amoNg the “you’re nakie!” people! 😂

  4. Tracy Allard

    Sentimentality and superstition for win (I’ve got a food in both camps!)


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