The Best of 2021 – Pet Photography Superlatives

Let’s take a walk down the memory lane of 2021 filled with dogs & horses to remember some of the best moments! Scroll down to see the 2021 Pet Photography Superlatives!

The Drooliest Dog I Photographed

The most drool happened way back in February of 2021 at the I <3 Peanut Butter Pet Portrait Event at Canine Country Academy in Lawrenceville, GA.

I mean, drool is to be expected with dogs & peanut butter. But, Nico & Kona – the mastiffs – really brought their drool game.

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The Biggest Pet I Photographed

Cora the German Warmblood horse was the largest pet I photographed this year standing at an impressive 17.3 hands! Cora almost clenched the best blooper category too – really making some faces during her session with her mom in Ball Ground, Georgia.

The Best Pet Photography Blooper

Bloopers are one of my personal FAVORITE categories! When photographing people we tend to delete the bloopers from unflattering angles & bizarre faces. But, when it comes to photographing horses & dogs – the sillier the better.

In full disclosure – this award might be a little bit biased… it’s my dogs. That’s Mikey on the left being the goodest boy, and Lira in the middle being the best girl ever, and then Carolina on the far right being 100% herself.

The Best Tattooed Pet Parents

I couldn’t pick just one – so we’ll go with both a dog & a horse parent!

First up we have little puppy dachshund Maisy and her brother Prince who I photographed at the studio in Rutledge, GA back in January of 2021. Maisy & Prince really pop against the pink background – and I love featuring pet parents from just the knees down. The tattoos really add something extra to the portrait giving it lots of personality!

Next, is Alana & Ragnar. When Alana contacted me about doing a punk rock equestrian look – I was totally in! The black & white highlight’s Alana’s tattoos and makes the image feel moody & dramatic.

Best Snaggletooth & Craziest Tongue

I always ask about your favorite feature on your dog – and I do my very best to make sure I capture that feature during our session together.

Usually I get answers like “her one ear that flops over” or “his eyes” – but Nicole’s answer had me giggling before I even met Barkington & Neville. She wanted to make sure we documented Barkington’s snaggle tooth and Neville’s tongue!

Of course, the moment I saw them – I knew exactly why those were the favorite features that deserved an up close photograph!

Best Pet Trick I Photographed

Ok, ok – I know another tie, but with adorably photographic tricks like these I had to share another dog & horse winner.

This is one of my favorite tricks – a high five! Jamie was a real pro and performed several times during our session, but the light in this one makes it my favorite.

And then we have Carmen – who knew horses could do so many fun tricks?! Not only could Carmen give her mom a hug – she also gives kisses on command!

Other honorable mention photographic tricks I love: Give paw, head down, & wave are all adorable things to teach your pets!

And that’s a wrap!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my favorites from the past year. And I hope you get a chance to be in the 2022 Pet Photography Superlatives

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