Willa – The Beginning

In 2015, we were playing fetch in the yard at the Rescue Ranch and I of course had my camera, at the time a Nikon D3200 with a 17-55 mm kit lens. I was laying the on the ground and took this photo.

Clearly, the horizon line isn’t close to straight, her whiskers are slightly more in focus than her eyes, and her collar is distracting, but this photo captures Willa’s personality more than any other photo I took of her. 

I had this image comissioned as an oil painting that hangs in my living room. When Willa passed suddenly just a year after this picture at only 8 years old from a massive heart attack, this is the image I looked for. When I think about the images that started my path into pet photography, this is the image I think of first. 

Lira – finding my style

This is next image is of my own dog Lira. Not only do I love the purple weed flowers becuase purple is Lira’s color, but I also love the overall harmony of the color tones is this image. While the colors aren’t the same, they share a color harmony that I really love.

This harmony in tones is something that’s come to define my style overall. When I look at my favorite images, I can see a similarity.

I am also drawn to portraits, images that capture my subjects looking into the camera and soft expressions.

 This picture is the frist one I had printed in ancrylic glass. I love the way the glass makes the image seem almost too real. It’s printed larger than life and Lira almost seems to be coming out of the frame. It hangs in my office just to the right of my computer so I can see it everyday. 

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