Family Portraits


I knew we were looking to update a few family portraits with Vito, Filomena, Luigi, & Elisabeth. One of my favortie poses with dogs and their people is getting down to dog height and capturing the view most dogs see! And then of course, who can resist a puppy kiss?


Loving the Light


Everything about photography is light. Seeing the light and knowing how to capture it is what makes a photographer an artist. 

Lately, I’ve really fallen in love with backlight. I am loving the golden late afternoon light spilling in from behind my subject giving them a halo of sunshine. I absolutely LOVE the way the light falls on Filomena’s ears. She looks like an angel in that big floral collar her mom made just for her photoshoot. And, Vito’s bow-tie, just too handsome. 


Special Challenges

Clients often worry that I won’t be able to get photos of their dog. Whether they worry they won’t listen, or can’t be off leash, or won’t sit still, or in Vito’s case, they are blind, many clients put off scheduling their photographs. 

I’ve been working with dogs for more than 10 years, with a lot of that time spent photographing foster & shelter dogs. There aren’t many behaviors or challenges I haven’t seen. Blind, deaf, hyper, untrained, etc I will work with you to get the images you’ve dreamed of. 

Creating Art

A favorite part of creating images, is creating art to fill your home from the images we create. Filling your home with the faces you love the most brings so much joy into your space. And thanks to the magic of technology, I can show you options and layouts with your images to scale so you know what you order will be a perfect fit. 

Ready to Book Your Pet's Session?

Let me design a custom photo shoot just for you. I’ll capture your pet and create beautiful art work for you to have for years to come.