Walking the Dog

Walking the dog is one of those great equalizers. Most everyone who has owned a dog has experienced taking their dog for a walk at some time. From taking my own dogs for walks, to photographing you walking together with your dog, to working with Atlanta dog walkers – let’s take the dogs for a walk!

Ever wonder where you’d end up if you took your dog for a walk and never once pulled back on the leash?

Robert Breault

Walking the dog is a universal task known by almost every dog parent.
While leashes are removed in your portraits, most clients choose to keep the leashes in the photographs where they are walking the dog to highlight their connection.

Photographing Dogs & Removing Leashes

A quick note about leashes during your photo session: While I remove leashes in post production for your portrait images, most clients choose to keep the leashes in their “walking the dog” images to show the connection. If you love the natural images created when walking the dog, make sure to choose a leash you’ll be happy to see in the final images. 

Photographing Dogs & Their People Taking A Walk

There is something really incredible about that connection we feel attached to the other end of the leash. When we’re walking our dogs and they look back up at us with that look of understanding and unconditional love that is honestly just magic. In nearly every session that includes pet parents with their dogs we’ll try for a walking the dog image.
One of the things I love about walking the dog photos is that it is always so natural. You get to be moving and you have something to do with your hands, so it’s not awkward. The walking the dog pose is also a great way to be in the photos without actually being in the photos because we can crop in to see just the legs and pup!

Leashes can be removed from your final photographs after your dog photography session with Georgia dog photographer.

Photographing Atlanta’s Dog Walkers & Dog Trainers

Some of my other favorite walking the dog photos have been when working with fellow business owners! 

When I created images for Cutie Paws – Voted Buckhead’s Best Pet Sitting – we knew we needed to create images with her team of pet sitters walking the dogs! We set up a series of photo sessions around Atlanta to photograph several dogs walking with their families in favorite neighborhoods. 

And then when it came time to create some branding images for Paula’s dog training business, Canine Country Academy where they strive to improve the relationship between dogs and owners – walking the dog images were at the top of our list! Photographing Paula walking with her two senior dogs and her two young Toy Fox Terriers really showed off the connection they have – a real testament to the time she’s spent building the relationship with each of them. 

Taking the dog for a walk can be be renewing for both of you.
Photographing Paula walking with her two senior dogs and her two young Toy Fox Terriers really showed off the connection they have - a real testament to the time she’s spent building the relationship with each of them.
Leashes can show the connection you and your dog share during your walk.

Walking My Dogs – Taking a Few Moments Every Day

A private location for dog photography in Eatonton, GA offers gorgeous florals during spring.

Most workdays, when I don’t have a sunrise dog photo session, I take the dogs for a walk. We ride over to one of my favorite little hidden parks, Indian Creek Park on Fears Road right here in Rutledge, GA. We head out just a little after 7 AM while the air is still cool (or cool-ish here in the last part of summer) and we’re almost always the only ones there.

Mikey, Lira, & Carolina are my most usual walking buddies and they enjoy a long sniffing walk while we count how many bunny rabbits we see. One walk the dogs & I counted 15 bunny rabbits! That’s still our record sighting. All 4 of us come home relaxed and centered and ready to tackle the day ahead (or tackle the couch for the best napping spot for the pups).

It’s so easy to be “busy”. We all have a million things we should be doing. There’s always work waiting, laundry to be done (or worse – folded and put away!), grass to be mowed, and everything else on our never ending to do lists. But, for this 30 minutes to an hour I focus on just being with my dogs. When I am walking the dogs I remember what’s most important.


Do you walk your dog?

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  1. Tracy Allard

    Such great images for local dog-related businesses and your pack is adorable, that location is gorgeous.

  2. Terri

    Great images and I too do not remove leashes in my “walking the dog” photos. They are more true to life when the leashes are left on.


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