What to Wear for Your Personal Branding Photos as a Pet Professional

Whether I’m helping a client plan a private comission or a personal branding session, the second question I am always asked is: “What do I wear for my photo shoot?” Clothes can be hard, but I’ve put together 3 simple guidelines to help you choose what to wear for personal branding photos as a pet professional. 

What to Wear

Simple tips for choosing outfits that will photograph well

Solid Colors

This is a tip that all professional personal branding photographers will tell you. Unless you’re planning to wear a uniform or branded apparel, it makes the most sense to stick to solid colors. Avoid heavy patterns, busy prints, logos and wording on your clothing. Choosing colors that go with your brand colors can be a great way to make sure your photos will look great on your website.

Create Quick Variety

Use layers – a jacket, scarf, cardigan – so you can quickly change up your look in moments. You don’t want to have every photo of you wearing the exact same thing, so mixing it up by adding or removing layers can help create variety. 

Polished Details

If you’re like me, working with dogs – most days I’m in jeans and t-shirts and dog hair. Manicures? Make up? Not so much. But, before your branding photos, it can be worth it to polish up those details. A manicure with neutral (or no) polish will keep the attention on the prop you’re holding – not the ragged fingernails. A little make-up and some extra care with your hair can help your features stand out.  I also recommend wearing your hair down or in a style that you can see from the front – a slick ponytail might be your every day go-to, but can make it looks like you have no hair in a straight on photo. 


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