Why Photographing Your Dog in Rural Settings is a Picture-Perfect Idea

While cityscapes may offer their own charm, venturing out to rural areas is my favorite way to capture stunning photographs of your dog. From scenic backdrops to abundant space, naturally diffused light and reduced distractions are just some of the advantages of photographing your dog in rural settings. So, let’s head out of the city, and let nature be the backdrop for your dog’s session.

Using private locations she rents - dog photographer Courtney Bryson can help set her clients up for success.

Scenic Backgrounds in Rural Settings

When I think of dogs in artwork my mind always goes to paintings of dogs standing majestically in beautiful countryside locations. I love rural areas filled with lush greenery, meandering trails, and open space to explore. While some of my dogs are more couch potatoes than great wilderness adventurers (especially the pugs), all dogs look beautiful against the colors found in rural settings.

Even when I am photographing dogs in the city – I look for natural backgrounds to place them against. Dogs just photograph beautifully in front of the colors of nature – green grasses & trees, earth toned rocks and trunks, sunny yellow sunshine, and blue skies. 


Dogs photograph beautifully against natural colors found in rural settings.

Ample Space to Roam

One of the main advantages of rural settings is the abundance of space. Unlike the confined spaces of a city, rural areas often provide wide-open fields, forests, and long trails that allow your dog to move freely. Most dogs I photograph, and especially those not used to the busy traffic of the city, enjoy the opportunity to wander and sniff as we move through the locations. The downtime built into the session gives your dog a chance to decompress and just be a dog – leading to more relaxed happy images.

Don't be afraid to let your dog get a little dirty at their photo session.
Puppy dog eyes photos are best saved for the end of your dog's Atlanta' photo shoot.

Natural Light Diffusion

When we work together on your Signature Session we will meet at either sunrise or sunset. The soft, diffused light of early mornings or golden hours near sunset are the magic hours of photography. Rural areas with natural screens of trees create those beautiful golden images with sunlight streaming in behind your pup that just feels magical. While city sessions offer more flexibility in times for the session it often limits us to working within the shadows of buildings and relying on architecture and bright color to create the images – rural sessions let the natural light be the star in adding dimension to each image.

Reduced Distractions

Cities are busy – noise, traffic, crowds, other dogs – making it more challenging to keep your dog’s attention. Rural areas provide an escape from these distractions so your dog isn’t as worried about 1,000 other things happening around us. Limiting distractions is one of the best tips to getting really engaged portraits of your dog – which makes choosing a rural location a great choice.

The diffused light of early mornings or golden hours near sunset are the magic hours of dog photography - especially in rural settings.
Rural sessions let the natural light be the star in adding dimension to each image

Is the drive out of the city worth it? Would you have your dog photographed in a rural setting?

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