Giving Back: Working with the Georgia English Bulldog Rescue

Animal rescue has a huge piece of my heart and I do all I can to give back to rescues that mean a lot to me. But, as I haven’t yet worked out cloning myself or being in three places at once, I’m not able to photograph every single adoptable dog in need. So, I have had to get creative to be able to help as many dogs as possible. With the Georgia English Bulldog Rescue I have figured out how to give back in two ways: volunteering as the event photographer at the annual Bully Ball in Atlanta each year and donating to the silent auction.

The Bully Ball XIII –

Georgia English Bulldog Rescue Fundraiser

The Bully Ball is the annual gala supporting Georgia English Bulldog Rescue. In the past eleven years, The Bully Ball event has raised more than $1.25 Million to support the mission of GEBR!

It’s an incredible night filled with animal loving people and adorable smushy faced bulldogs dressed to the nines.

For the past 3 years I have donned my finest dog photography clothes (it’s hard to be black tie when lying on the ground photographing bulldogs), strapped my camera to my hip, and headed out for a night on the town to photograph The Bully Ball attendees.

This year marks The Bully Ball XIII and will be held at The Whitley in Atlanta Buckhead on Saturday, March 5th, 2022. You can still get tickets to The Bully Ball here.

Georgia English Bulldog Rescue has raised over 1.25 million dollars at The Bully Ball over the last 12 years.
The Bully Ball benefiting the Georgia English Bulldog Rescue features a catered sit down dinner at one of Atlanta's most fashionable hotel ballrooms.

Silent Auction Donations at The Bully Ball

Once you get past the bulldogs in bowties and ball gowns, the second highlight of the evening is the auction at The Bully Ball. There are two parts to the auction benefiting the Georgia English Bulldog Rescue – a live and a silent auction.
The live auction is fabulous with a great auctioneer, games, and incredible items including luxurious 5-Star accommodations, sports ticket box seats, and more! The LIVE part of the auction raises tens of thousands of dollars for the rescue.
The silent auction is full of great experiences, art, jewelry, and a complete pet photography experience from yours truly. Some of my favorite sessions ever have come from the auction winners at various charities each year. The best part of winning a session at a charitable auction is that you get gorgeous photos and a unique experience with your pet – and your favorite charity raises money for their cause!

The Bully Ball's best dressed awards always go to the English Bulldogs
Bulldogs in black tie apparel attend The Bully Ball XII in 2021.

Other Ways I Give Back to My Favorite Animal Rescues as a Pet Photographer

Several years ago my wife shared something with me that changed the way I view every day.

She said that every day we should do something for ourselves, something for our homes, and something for someone else. It’s helped me keep balance in my life and set a mindset that makes me feel good.

When you look at a problem like homelessness for pets, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and like you will never be able to do enough to make a dent, but if I can do just one thing every day then I am working on pushing that ball up the hill.

Some days it looks like caring for one of our foster dogs, tube feeding puppies (like I have been doing the last 3 weeks), heading out to the Humane Society of Morgan County to photograph adoptable animals, going to The Bully Ball, or creating a calendar photo contest, and other times its just sharing something on social media, but all of it makes a little bit of difference.

How do you give back?

What are some of your favorite charities? Animal related or not.

This blog is a part of a blog circle with pet photographers near me and from across the globe! This week we’re talking all about working with rescues we love.

Want to know what makes Houston pet photographer Kelly J. Russo’s heart sing? Using photography to improve the visibility of animals in need.

Be sure to keep clicking the link at the bottom to complete the circle until you wind up back here!

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  1. Nicole

    Wow, this sentence really has me thinking, ‘every day we should do something for ourselves, something for our homes, and something for someone else.’ I am going to write this on my white board and try to do this.

    I agree, it is overwhelming thinking about how many homeless pets there are. I fall down holes wondering how to help all the organizations, homeless dogs, homeless people, sick chilren, etc. It’s too mch to think about, but I have to remind myself to just focus on what I can do.

  2. Tracy Allard

    Great advice Courtney, I often get overwhelmed by the prospect of rescue and shelters, I used to shoulder it quite well, at peace knowing my little contribution was part of an overall sea change, but Covid seems to have turned the tide and know i often feel like i’m shoveling against it. I need to stop, take a deep breath and continue doing my small part, knowing that I’m not alone and others are doing the same. Thanks for the reminder.


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