An Album Tells a Story – Your Story

While a gorgeous wall portrait of your dog captures your dog as they are in a single moment, it’s only a piece of the story.

The album we create from your pet photography session shows they way your dog’s tongue curls up when he pants. It reminds you of how you felt as he covered you with your slobbery kisses and how he asked for one more fetch before we wrapped up the day. 

Your album is for rainy days when you’re at home and reminisicing. The album isn’t just for remembering all the special details of your dog, like that one white hair that always stuck straight up, the album is for reliving your relationship. 

Flipping the pages of your album you can feel his soft furry body while you snuggled in the grass and those paw pads that left an indention in your thigh. Your hands remember how warm his fur was after an afternoon in the sunshine. You can even hear the crunch of fall leaves underfoot again. 

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I specialize in creating wall art and albums to keep memories alive forever. Through pet photography & custom artwork you’ll cherish now and in 40 years, we’ll create a lasting legacy.