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  • If your heart doesn’t skip a beat when you look into your dog’s eyes.
  • If you don’t feel that bittersweet swelling in your chest when you think about how fast time is passing with your best friend.
  • If you don’t end every day with a gentle kiss on a furry snout when you tell them goodnight then this is might not the experience for you.

But, if you can’t even imagine your life without your dogs then this is for you.

And this is your sign, it’s time to have your dog photographed.

your dog has space in your heart

he deserves a space on your wall

“Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.” ― Agnes Sligh Turnbull

It goes by in the blink of an eye.

The maddeningly adorable puppy antics. Those magical middle years, when they’re up for any adventure. The slower, sweeter pace of the senior years—you wish they’d last forever.


Every season of life deserves to be celebrated.


And while I can’t freeze time, I can give you the next best thing: Beautiful images, albums, and artwork that bring you back to this moment for a lifetime.


Athens pet photographer CM Bryson shares an inquiry guide with clients
Get advice on How to Hang Wall Art - Portraits, Photographs, & Paintings - Like a Pro from professional pet photographer CM Bryson
Athens dog photographer Courtney Bryson is an exert in working with dogs.


Hey Dog People!

I’m Courtney – dog mom, professional pet photographer, animal rescuer, marketer, & official crazy dog lady of the family. You’ll recognize me when we meet because even though I promise I’m wearing clean clothes – there’s going to be dog hair on them.

I’m not the dog photographer for people who love their dogs like family. I’m the dog photographer for people whose dogs ARE family.

If you :

  •  Have been known to cancel date nights when your dogs needs you to stay home and snuggle
  • Filter Airbnb for pet friendly listings before even considering a place
  • Consider the color of your dog’s fur before deciding on a new couch color

This is dog photography designed for you.

Happy Clients

I had such a great experience with Courtney! She ensured not only that the pups were prepared but that I was also. I had a detailed checklist of what to do to prepare before the shoot. From how far in advance to get the groomed/bathed to coloring/cutting my hair in advance (if needed), what color and texture of clothing to wear for the best results, recommended collars for the pups. I think she had everything covered.

Courtney was very patient with all of us :). If you are looking for photos with your furry family, I would absolutely recommend her!

“Great experience with an amazing photographer. Working with 2 dogs at once can be a challenge but Courtney has quite the knack for getting the spaciest dogs attention and lots of patience. Her photos really capture the personality of her subject. The pictures turn out amazing making it very hard to choose. Wicket and Luna think you are dog gone paw-rific 💕”

I was beyond thrilled with my photos! The entire process was seamless, from booking to receiving my photo items. Courtney has a remarkable eye, and a very nice way about her when it comes to interacting with the fur babies. Courtney was instrumental in capturing a very special moment between my ailing cat and I. I am so grateful she was able to capture such beautiful images that will be forever with my family! I highly recommend her services!


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