About the Photographer

Hi! I’m Courtney and I am a pet photographer based between Atlanta and Athens, GA.

I am mom to 6 dogs, a cat, 4 pigs (including Hermione, the House Pig!), 2 donkeys, and a horse! I live on a small farm in a tiny town called Rutledge, GA which is also home to the Rescue Ranch, a non profit Boston Terrier Rescue founded in 2014.

Your Atlanta to Athens Pet Photographer

Rutledge is almost exactly between Athens and Atlanta allowing me to serve both cities and every in between as your pet photographer. I love living in a small town, while still be close enough to the “big city” to enjoy all it has to offer!

Creating Artwork from Pet Photography

My grandmother inspired my need to see photographs printed. She catalogued the family memories in albums and boxes of prints and photos on the walls and tables and on her desk at work.

I just knew that you need to print your images and enjoy them on something more than your Facebook or Instagram scroll. So, with the help of local artists as well as professional labs, I specialize in creating timeless artwork for your home. 


About the Dogs That Started It All

The photo of Willa with her tongue out was taken back in 2014. That’s the first time I remember falling in love with an image of my own and truly seeing the personality of the dog represented in single portrait.

I had no idea we would lose Willa suddenly just a year later at only 8 years old. I can’t express how grateful I am for all the images we have of her. She was the beginning of so much in my life, the first Boston Terrier which in turn led to the Rescue Ranch, the start of so many friendships, and falling in love with my wife, all started with that tiny 13 lb Boston Terrier. I have her photos all over my house.

Next is Lira who was born in my home after her mother was surrendered pregnant to the rescue. Lira is my very own miracle after being given a less than 10% chance of survival at birth due to a major diaphragmatic hernia. She survived 2 impossible surgeries during her first year of life. We have a bond unlike any other I’ve ever experienced with a dog. I understand what people say when they say “heart dog”.

She is truly like my child and I cherish every experience and every memory I get to make with her and treasure every image because I know they will be what I keep forever.

In the Press

Top 10 Atlanta Pet Photographer

Courtney of CM Bryson is a pet portrait and lifestyle photographer who takes interesting narrative photographs of all sorts of pets –– cats, dogs, donkeys, you name it. She has an amazing ability to capture the fun-loving side of your pets, as well as their deep attachment to you, all while also being able to stage hilarious photoshoots that bring out the inner comedian in your little guys. Whether you’re looking for a serious, high-concept portrait or a hilarious photo of your pet sure to make you giggle for years to come, Courtney might just be the pet photographer for you.




Why do certifications and awards matter?

I have always been a passionate learner, a reader of all things, and someone driven to improve. Seeking out the critique of other professional pet photographers by entering images into competitions pushes me to be a more creative artist and truly master my craft. Learning more about the technical side of photography through classes and courses inspires me to create more technically sound images. 

What all this means for you as the pet parent, is that during your pet photography session I will be creating professional quality images. Images of your furry loved ones that you’ll be proud to hang on the wall. It means that I’ll be able to focus on you and your pet because I have already mastered my camera and settings and the rules of composition and framing. 

Ready to Book Your Pet's Session?

Let me design a custom photo shoot just for you. I’ll capture your pet and create beautiful art work for you to have for years to come.