End of Life Pet Photography

This can be a hard topic. Anticipatory grief, people dismissing your loss, navigating difficult veterinary diagnoses, juggling specialist appointments for your pet, dealing with lost mobility, preparing for after the loss – the list of challenges can be daunting as you face the end of life for your beloved dog, cat, or horse. For so many of us, our pets are who we spend the most time with. End of life pet photography can help you celebrate the life of your pet and create artwork you’ll treasure in the years to come.

End of Life Pet Photography Isn’t Sad

An end of life pet photography session isn’t a sad occasion. Yes, there may be some sad moments and acknowledgement of the loss you’re preparing for, but this session is a celebration of the life your pet has lived, the journey you have been on together, and the relationship you have shared.

As we plan for your session I’ll ask you about your favorite memories, the things your pet most loves, and most unique physical traits. I’ll use these to design a custom session that will help create a new favorite memory for you with your dog, cat, or horse and let you hold on to those memories with an album of your most loved images.

The end of life pet photography sessions that mean the most are filled with time to snuggle close, favorite treats & toys, and most importantly – time you’ve set aside to reflect on the relationship you share.

Senior cat sits on woman's lap on the couch of their home

Where Do You Have An End of Life Pet Photography Session

Where to have your end of life pet photography session will depend on what you envision for the final artwork as well as the needs of your pet.

Many of my clients celebrating the life of their dog choose to have their session at an outdoor location. Local parks offer beautiful natural settings and many can be accessible even for dogs with limited mobility. I compiled a few of my favorite parks for dog photography in an earlier post. You can find it here.

Your home can also make a great location. My clients with cats often choose to have their end of life session in their home as cats traditionally don’t enjoy traveling. Dogs with more advanced conditions or more severely limited mobility may also be best suited for an at home end of life pet photography session.

And lastly, horses are photographed at their home – the barn. For horses, we most often capture black background portraits at the barn aisle and if your horse is feeling up to it – we’ll also use the pasture areas for outdoor portraits.

Pet photography is possible even with senior pets and dogs who need to stay on leash.
End of life pet photography for horses are most often photographed at the barn.
A must have image from your pet photography session - a photo of your dogs together.

When to do an End of Life Pet Photography Session

No one has ever told me that they regretted having photos taken, but I have had so many express regret for waiting until it was too late.

I encourage you to have photos done now. Whether you have just gotten a difficult diagnosis or just realize that the time we have is never enough – if you’ve thought about end of life pet photography, it’s time to reach out to a photographer.

End of life sessions always have priority booking. When inquiring, please let me know this is an end of life session so that we can work together to schedule your session as soon as possible.

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