Certified Pet Loss Grief Specialist

Embracing the

Moments That Matter

Celebrating Life, Not Just Saying Goodbye

A Moment to Pause – To Remember, To Reflect, To Just Be With Them


In the hustle of our busy lives, it’s easy to take for granted the little moments we share.


  • The way they greet us every time we come home like we’re returning from a from a Ulyssesisan odyssey even if we’re just coming back from getting the mail.
  • That soft sigh and little settle in wiggle when they join us on “their” spot on the couch.
  • The simple act of holding them close, petting their soft fur, or gently holding their paw.


It all becomes incredibly valuable as we realize the pages we have left are shorter than the pages we’ve already turned.

In those moments, we yearn to gather every memory, every precious moment, every cherished toy to hold onto just a little bit longer.

Peanut's mom reached out when his cancer returned after months of remission because she wanted to capture memories of him to hold onto while he still felt mostly like himself.

My boys were getting older and had a few health scares. I had talked about doing photos for a few years, but this seemed like the right time.


I was most worried about my boys behaving and being able to sit still.


I know you promised 1000 times that they were behaved and that we for sure got some good shots –

I was still worried after my boys were so chaotic during the shoot.


Once I saw the photos though, I was absolutely floored – they were perfect.


I love the album – it’s such a beautiful keepsake of my boys that I proudly show to anyone who walks through our front door.”

– Barkington & Neville’s Mom

Art pieces are our real life highlight reels. The portraits that we want to enjoy on the wall show us what is most important to us - our animals

it’s better one day too early, than one day too late.

These sessions are about capturing the relationships, the joy you have shared, not solely focusing on the farewell.

It’s wonderful to capture these moments when your dog can still enjoy their favorite things.

Don’t wait until the end – it’s never “too early”.


Please know that it’s never too late to reach out to me. I prioritize these sessions and will do my absolute best to accommodate your needs. 

What’s Included in

your Session


  • A Customized Signature Session
    • We’ll work together to create a session tailored to your dog’s needs.
  • A Professional Experience
    • With more that 10 years working with pets & their people I promise to deliver images you’ll love and artwork that will last a lifetime.
    • As a Certified Pet Loss Grief Specialist, I understand the importance of capturing these once-in-a-lifetime moments.
  • Considerate Image Delivery
    • Everyone processes their grief differently. I understand that some may want to see the their images right away, while others may need more time. When you’re ready – I will be too.
collections start at $1800

$690 reservation fee required to book

Payment plans & a la carte options also available.

“Having experienced the profound impact pets have on our lives and the challenging decisions surrounding their farewell, I pursued certification as a pet loss grief specialist. I want to hold space for you, offering support and understanding throughout this journey.”

Please note I’m only able to serve a few clients each month & typically book 4-12 weeks ahead.

If your pet needs priority scheduling due to medical or age concerns, please let me know.

After loosing our 14 y/o Husky / Shepherd mix earlier in the year and not having “professional” photos of her and I knew we had to take advantage.

Two huskies can be hard to handle, especially in public! Courtney made us feel comfortable with the environment and the cadence of the shoot. We never felt rushed and we able to make sure everyone was secure and safe throughout our time with her.

All of the photos show each of the dogs personalities and even though they were not in a familiar environment, they were relaxed and themselves.


Mom to Dima & Stoli

the Tilly Project aims to connect pet owners with end-of-life pet photographers across the world, and to provide accessible, educational, and supportive resources for photography, anticipatory grief, and pet loss/bereavement.
One Last Network is a place for pet parents to find support for their aging or ill pets, for the agony leading up to those last days and for the grief they experience after the inevitable loss..
Legacy custom dog artwork lets you relive the good memories over and over again.



I’ll ask you do a little homework by completing a session planning questionnaire that helps me get to know the star of the show and help you explore how you might want to enjoy the images we’ll create.

I’ll take it from there – creating inspiration boards & shot lists to make sure I deliver the best dog photos you’ve ever dreamed of having. 


This will be your dog’s favorite part: treats, toys, funny noises, and your full attention on a fun day all about them! I’ll roll all over the grass making squeaky noises and photograph your dog looking their absolute best.

And the best part?

Your dog’s only job is to be their self – distractions and squirrels and tongues out are all 100% OK


Just so you know, this will be your favorite part & probably the hardest part… because how do you choose?

These are photos of your dog… of course you love them! Don’t worry, I’ll guide you through this process and together we can plan how you’ll display the ones you just can’t live without. 


After making your selections for albums and image boxes that hold all your favorites and wall art we can design right on your walls. Your finished – ready to display – artwork will arrive to your door 6-8 weeks after your order.

No more figuring it out on your own – this is DONE for you service. 

Top 10 Atlanta Pet Photographer

Courtney of CM Bryson is a pet portrait and lifestyle photographer who takes interesting narrative photographs of all sorts of pets –– cats, dogs, donkeys, you name it. She has an amazing ability to capture the fun-loving side of your pets, as well as their deep attachment to you, all while also being able to stage hilarious photoshoots that bring out the inner comedian in your little guys. Whether you’re looking for a serious, high-concept portrait or a hilarious photo of your pet sure to make you giggle for years to come, Courtney might just be the pet photographer for you.



"Such a wonderful experience! A true professional with has an exceptional knack for animals! Totally recommend!"

Trish & Hazel

"I am thrilled with the outcome! This will get a very special place in my home."

Krista & Scarlett

"I had such a great experience with Courtney! She ensured not only that the pups were prepared but that I was also. I had a detailed checklist of what to do to prepare before the shoot. From how far in advance to get the groomed/bathed to Coloring/cutting my hair in advance (if needed), what color and texture of clothing to wear for the best results, recommended collars for the pups. I think she had everything covered. Courtney was very patient with all of us :). If you are looking for photos with your furry family, I would absolutely recommend her!"

Liz, Kaos, & Kali

"We were lucky enough to attend the Love Barks event at Pet Pleasers Bakery in Gainesville, and Courtney captured some amazing photos of my dogs. It can be challenging to get them to sit still, but Courtney is a pro! Everything was set up perfectly to maximize our time there, and she is so fast with that camera. She was even able to Photoshop my hand + the leash out of several of the photos. It was a great experience, and we look forward to doing another session with Courtney soon!"

Kristen, Teddy, & Chloe

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, even your dog can have professional photos. Even if they aren’t trained, even if they can’t be off leash, even if they don’t like other dogs, even if they are blind or deaf or paralyzed, even if they are a puppy or an old puppy. I have worked with them all and we can make beautiful photos of your dog.

What if my dog can't be off leash?

Want to know a secret? 90% of the dogs you see on my website were wearing a leash! The other 10% were all inside a secure fence! And sometimes both! With the magic of photoshop, I can create the off leash images you want while keeping your pet safe. 

My dog is too nervous/excited/untrained to get good images.

For more than 10 years I have worked with rescue dogs and photographed 1,000’s of adoptable dogs & cats. Most of them have ZERO professional training and are going through the scariest experience of their lives. 

We will design the session to fit your dog. If your dog is nervous in crowded areas, we’ll choose a private space. I need less than 1/1000th of a second to capture a great expression. Professional camera gear can stop motion, unlike your cell phone, so even fast moving dogs can have gorgeous portraits. 

What if my dog has a disability?

I have photographed blind dogs, deaf dogs, paralyzed dogs, and dogs with neurological disorders.

Your session is custom designed for your dog, and we work at their pace to keep them comfortable, safe, and happy.

How much should I plan to spend?

As everything is custom, how much you choose to spend is entirely up to you. Artwork begins at $250. Collections start at $1450. 

My dog doesn't have much time left. Can you see us quickly?

I’m so sorry. Our pet’s lives are tragically short. 

Please let me know in your booking inquiry that time is of the essence and I’ll do everything in my power to schedule you as quickly as possible. 

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